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WFA- Pension Records- DLI/LC


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Hello All,

I received today a reply to a WFA pension look up(earlier than I expected too!). I was very impressed by this service and would recommend everyone who had a relative serve to give it a try. The information I have on Joseph up to now is that he enlisted early in the war(28/8/14) into the 11bn DLI(15352), and was transferred to the Labour Corps in October of 1918. He was discharged for illness 1/2/1919. It has always been family tradition that he was gassed during his service. He passed away in 1940.

I have a few questions about the document:

20733 looks like a regimental number, but this is the first time I have seen this number. It was not on any of his medal rolls.
Why is LC listed twice?
11/W/79071- does this refer to when he stopped receiving his pension?(it has a date next to it very close to the date of his death.)
Finally, could someone explain the stamp at the bottom left and what it means?
Are there any other questions I should be asking about this document?
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