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Gallipoli Mini Series 2015


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Haven't seen a thread on this so thought I'd post one.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3577058/ Gallipoli (2015) TV Mini-Series

I watched all the episodes online and I really enjoyed it, quite a lot of attention to detail, I don't know a massive amount on Gallipoli but I'll certainly be reading up on it.


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A few of us responded to the first show as an aspect of the MG thread.

I must say my first impressions were very uncertain with the theatrical script and direction making me squirm. However, as each episode developed so did everything else. The characters were real enough, the story was self-evident without the need for embellishment and the set, action and general design was very good indeed.

I liked the music of Stephen Rae throughout. It was cleverly edited to suit each scene. The main Title theme reminded me very strongly of Arvo Pärt's 'Fratres' which happens to be an amazing piece of music in its own right. Here, it's derivation really suited the series.

I saw it on commercial TV so, apart from the ads, it was a very well produced series.


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I just finished it and I really enjoyed the whole series. I thought it was about time a good quality mini series on the great war came out as usually they are underfunded and seem somewhat amateur. My only issue was how deadly rifle and machine gun fire were depicted during the charge at the neck. Although I have not researched this charge, I think there would have been many more wounded soldiers than dead as there was no artillery (in the mini-series). Evidence has shown that where there is an absence of artillery, and soldiers are strictly subjected to only bullets, casualty rates can still be very high but the actual death toll tends to be very low.

- J

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