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Royal Field Artillery, Langemark 1917


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I am researching Gunner Percy Stacey of the RFA but do not have close knowledge of the artillery and am finding the nomenclature confusing. Gunner Stacey died on 18/08/17 which I take to be in the battle of Langemark. His service number was 173825 and he appears in the documentation I have as in the 94th Battery. I can find no reference to this unit, only to a 94th Brigade. Would 94th Battery have any meaning which would allow me to find out a bit more about where his guns were placed and what happened to him? Does 94th Brigade similarly have a helpful meaning?

Many thanks for any help.

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I would disregard the above link as that refers to a current New Zealand unit and is no help at all.

94th Battery were in 18th Brigade RFA, 3rd Lahore Divisional Artillery later becoming 18th Army Brigade.

You can download images of the War Diary of 18th Army Brigade RFA here - http://www.canadiangreatwarproject.com/warDiaryLac/wdLacP31.asp

Scroll to two thirds of the way down the page. Unfortunately the diary ends in July 1917 just before the action you are interested in. However, it is clear from other burials in the row that August 18, 1917 was a bad day for 18th and D/86th Army Brigades.

Percy Stacey's number indicates joining No. 1 Depot RFA, Newcastle-on-Tyne in mid September 1916.

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Thanks, David. He was a Sheffield man - is it at all odd joining up in Newcastle or was the RFA specialist in its training facilities?

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94 new Zealand bty is correct the site has photo from 1916 in the photo gallery section of a gun crew pulling out a bogged in 18 pdr maybe one of the men in the photo is your man?

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