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Reservists From the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons who were recalled in 1914 were used to supplement either the1st Life Guards or the 2nd Dragoon Guards.

My question is did these men badge up to these respective regiments,then later in the war as some of them moved to The Corp of Dragoons and by the end of the war ended up back with the 6th Inniskillings rebadge again.


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All men in Dragoon Guards and Dragoon regiments were members of the Corps of Dragoons, which did not have a badge of its own, the men wearing the badge of their particular regiment. The Household Cavalry were not included in this arrangement.

In August 1914 6th Dragoons were serving in India, though they came to France with the Mhow Cavalry Brigade before the end of the year. This probably explains why a 6th D reservist was posted to 1st LG on mobilisation. He would have been badged to that regiment when posted to it.


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