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East Ridge Barracks, Ahmednagar


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My Grandfather who ended up Sgt John Dunn 29651 / 4334605 was stationed at East Ridge Barracks, Ahmednagar around October 1919. I believe he was in the East Yorkshire regiment after being transferred from the ASC. Does any one know more about what he would have been doing? I believe he then went to Gallipoli and Iraq.

Many thanks


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Most likely he was involved in garrison duties. There was a Prisoner of War Camp/internment camp for civilians at Ahmednagar during the war, but I image it would have been closed by October 1919. Occasionally the Army was called out if there was civil unrest, but the rest of the time their duties were probably similar to those they performed in Britain.

See the FIBIS Fibiwiki page Ahmednagar.




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I found this address in my late fathers 1918 book of comrades from Cirencester, Gloucestershire. 

56429 Pte F W Webb

16 Platoon D Comp. 2nd Gloucester Regt.

East Ridge Barracks, Ahmednar, Maharashtra, Bombay.

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