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"App I" Missing from 24/RF War Diaries?

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On the first diary page of the War Diaries of the 24th Royal Fusiliers (about 4 pages in to my PDF copy), dated 15th November 1915, there is the following entry under "Remarks and references to Appendixes":

"List of officers and total numbers of other ranks App. I"

Presumably, this is the initial strength of the battalion on leaving for Le Havre, with each officer listed.

I have searched high and low for this across all sections of the 24/RF's war diaries, can't find it. The 24th's diaries are surprisingly verbose, helpful, and complete, especially when compared to those of its sister battalion, 23/RF.

Can anyone help? Thanks,


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My copy of the War Diary, downloaded from the NA, also has reference to the App 1 on page 5 but I also can't find any details for it either. I notice there are no entries for December 1915, but I have a typewritten copy, obtained from the RF Museum, which includes entries for December but again nothing for App 1.

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