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Large Bronze Memorium

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I'm a Canadian decendent of a Royal Scot who passed in 1917, and among the items I have from the King regarding him, is a large bronze plaque (aprox 4.5" dim) bearing his name, an inscription to the effect of "He died for freedom and honour", and has the image of "Victory" holding a trident, wearing a lion helmet, a lion striding in the foreground, leaping dolphins, and what appears to be a cat taking down a large bird along the very bottom. I have never seen this kind of thing before. Is there anyone who could tell me what it is? It is in mint condition, and has a hallmark of sorts on the back in the shape of either an 'M' or 'W'.

I look forward to hearing all that I can about this heirloom,and digging deeper into this website.



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What you have there is a Memorial Plaque, issued to the next-of-kin of those who died in the war.

The stamp on the back is a 'W' and an 'A', one on top of the other. It is the mark of the Woolwich Arsenal who, jointly with the Plaque Factory in Acton, made the plaques.

If you look elsewhere in this Forum there is a whole thread on the subject of the Memorial Plaques.


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Sorry to double post on the same topic but to be a little more helpful have a look at: 'Memorial Plaque Production' which is in the Home & POW's section of the Forum.


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