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Identification help please

Guest Wigey

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Dear members,

First of all thank you for accepting to the forum. I hope I won't anger anyone but I am not a history enthusiast or collector myself, I simply need your help. My girlfriend got a project, namely to paint a portrait of the gentleman on the picture. The problem, however is that she has no idea about the colors. We were trying to identify the sculpture but it seemed to be impossible. There are no name or insignia in the sculpture itself. I was hoping that someone might be able to help us here on the forum. There is a minor chance that the uniform is Portuguese, since we are in Portugal and the owner of the sculpture as well, but can not be sure about it.

I hope someone can offer us some helpful information or at least point us in the right direction.

Thanks a million!



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In silhouette he looks rather like General Franco of Spain.

The principal (National) insignia is the symbol on his upright collar, I think, and the three stars his badge of rank.

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Here is Franco on a 1966 coin.



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