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51st Coy Royal defence Corp


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My great uncle was with the 51st coy 28377 E Griffin who died 07/03/1919 from deliria associated with trench poisoning

I thought that the defence Guard where only based in England and didn't go over seas

Does anyone know if they went to France in the trenches

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The RDC only served in the UK. Many RDC men were transferred to the RDC having been medically downgraded after having been wounded or sick while on active service abroad. If the 'trench poisoning' reference is correct (where did it come from, btw?), then it sounds as though your man served abroad, was evacuated back to the UK due to sickness, was transferred to the RDC and ultimately died from complications of the sickness that led to him being medically downgraded. Do you know whether he served with any other unit prior to the RDC?

Do you mean 'trench fever' (as you posted on another thread).....? This is quite a vague diagnosis, and appears to generally indicate a high temperature without a specific cause being diagnosed. Maybe that is what happened to your man, but without him having any contact with a trench (or with an overseas trench, at any rate).

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Doh! You have started a thread already!

OK, here's what I have so far

GRIFFIN, EDMUND. Rank: Private. Service No: 28377. Date of Death: 07/03/1919. Age: 56.
Regiment/Service: Royal Defence Corps 51st Coy.
Grave Reference: G. 1030. Cemetery: KING'S LYNN CEMETERY.
Birth: 9 Jan 1862 - Norfolk. Marriage: 15 Apr 1883 - Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Death: 7 Mar 1919 - Norfolk.
Parents: John Jabez Griffin and Keziah Daisley; Spouse: Clara Bouch Bunn
Name: Edmund Griffin. Age in 1911: 49. Birth year: abt 1862. Birth Place: Lynn, Norfolk.
Civil Parish: St Margarets, Norfolk. Street address: Custom House Inn, Kings Street, Kings Lynn
Marital Status: Married. Occupation: Bricklayer. Registration district: Kings Lynn.
Edmund Griffin, 49; Clara Griffin, 44; Edward Griffin, 26; Louisa Griffin, 23; Floarance Griffin, 19; Phoebe Griffin, 17; James Griffin, 15; Standley Griffin, 13; Norriss Griffin, 11; Alice Griffin, 7; Ella Griffin, 5; George Griffin, 1.
Name: Clara B Griffin. Birth Date: abt 1866. Date of Registration: Jun 1949.Age at Death: 83
Registration district: Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Volume: 4b. Page: 416.
At 50+ years of age he'd be too old for sending Overseas unless he was really keen, I'll look out for his Medal Index Card but if he DIDN'T go Overseas, then there won't be one, as there was no medal entitlement for those in the UK only.
Name: Edmund Griffin. Birth Date: abt 1862. Date of Registration: Mar 1919. Age at Death: 57.
Registration district: Blofield, Norfolk. Volume: 4b. Page: 330.
Birth details: Name: Clara Bunn. Registration Year: 1867. Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar.
Registration district: King's Lynn, Norfolk. Volume: 4b. Page: 338.
As regards cause of death, you could order his Death Certificate, but there may be currency, postage etc complications to get it to you.
Trench fever, or trench foot could possibly occur from service just in the UK but not as likely as being on constant call in the front line....
If he HAD served Overseas, it's possible his Medal Index Card might not show his Royal Defence Corps service, as it doesn't warrant any medal reference. In that case, however, he would probably have been invalided out with a Silver War Badge, just like your grandfather!
There is one chap just E Griffin who was Company Quartermaster Serjeant in 5th Bn Rifle Brigade, S/13926 (although the "2" has been overwritten or crossed out).
That may simply be coincidence...
As there was a large family in 1911 there probably are relatives still around.... do you have any contact with folks back home?
We'll see what we can find for you
Cheers, Kevin
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Thank Kevin that's a great help what I have since found is that in that part of the family there was a Edward Griffin Royal Navy Reserve buried at Ste Marie Cemetery Le Harve

France and his father was Edmund Griffin who you are talking about

Once again mate thank you for your help

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His age and the RDC number suggest to me that he did not have overseas war service prior to RDC service.

The RDC number is an 'original' one inasmuch as it was allocated when they were formed in April 1916.The RDC units were formed out of Regimental Supernumerary Coys and so he will have had a Regimental number prior to this.( A quick look at numbers around him suggest 4th Norfolks)The Supernumerary Coys were allocated numbers mostly in the 20xxx range (and 21xxx, 22xxx etc dependent on how many Coys) and he might even have a TF number from before the Supernumerary ones were allocated in 1915. These men in the Supernumerary Coys were mostly, if not all, National Reserve men. To be a National Reservist** he would have had pre war military service and so might have some records for that service (they are on Find My Past I believe)

** http://www.1914-1918.net/national_reserve.html

Opening para edited.

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Thanks hywyn for the clarification on his Service Number and additional details.


There was only one other death during WW1 for a man in the 51st Company

BROOMAN, CHARLES WILLIAM. Rank: Corporal. Service No: 76168. Date of Death: 15/06/1919.
Regiment/Service: Royal Defence Corps 51st Coy.
Grave Reference: 54. 168. Cemetery: NORWICH CEMETERY, NORFOLK.
Additional Information: Son of John Brooman and Maria Brooman (nee Creed), of Ropley, Hants.
St Nicholas Church has a website detailing Baptisms etc and shows the following details.... (I suggest you check it out yourself to see what other family information it may have....
209: Baptism: 10/02/1844. Name: John Jabez. Surname: GRIFFIN. Father: Simpson GRIFFIN. (No Occupation shown - Dead?) Mother: Ann. Birth:13/04/1822.
370: Baptism: 02/03/1845. Name: Edmund. Surname: GRIFFIN. Father: John Jabez GRIFFIN. Occupation: Mariner. Mother: Kezia. Birth: 01/10/1844
1108: Baptism: 27/01/1867. Name: Clara BUNN. Father: James BUNN. Occupation: Fisherman. Mother: Mary Ann
1109: Baptism: 27/01/1867. Name: Louisa BUNN. Father: James BUNN. Occupation: Fisherman. Mother: Mary Ann
You will probably already know that Edmund is honoured on the King's Lynn War Memorial and you may have cleared up one of the two E Griffin entries that they had no further details of...
GRIFFIN, EDWARD. Rank: Deck Hand. Service No: 13903/DA. Date of Death: 07/12/1918. Age: 33.
Regiment/Service: Royal Naval Reserve H.M. Trawler "Leyland,"
Grave Reference: Div. 62. IV. G. 6. Cemetery: STE. MARIE CEMETERY, LE HAVRE.
Additional Information: Husband of Estella Griffin, of Cross Lane, King's Lynn, Norfolk.
(obviously his wife must have sent in the Additional Information details without mentioning his parents)
This may have been a brother or close relative to Clara, Edmunds wife.... - he's also on the King's Lynn War Memorial Roll of Honour
BUNN. George. Seaman 5222B, H.M.S. "Cressy", Royal Naval Reserve.
Died 22nd September 1914. Aged 27.
Son of Thomas and Sarah Bunn, of Begley's Yard, North St., King's Lynn,
husband of Margaret Bunn, of Devonshire Yard, North St., King's Lynn, Norfolk.
No known grave. Commemorated on CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL, Kent. Panel 8.
These are other Griffin entries on the K L War Memorial..
GRIFFIN, A. No further information currently available
GRIFFIN, E. (1) No further information currently available (Edward? see above)
GRIFFIN, E. (2) No further information currently available
I hope that helps somewhat.
You also now have sufficient posts so I will send you a Personal Message that might help you.
Cheers, Kevin
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To you both thank so much I have a lot of work to do know I only started to research my family because I was given a ancestry.com to play with

I've only been doing it about a month and so far over 10'000 names

Once again to you all I really do thank you from OZ


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