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Remembered Today:

Menin Gate - quiet nights?


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G'day Agen Aurel......



G'day Bonanza

I just left enough of your post in to establish the link.

This is just to say that I hope you had as much fun writing it as I did reading it. LOL!

By the way, I think that any Australian who makes it all the way to Europe and then goes to Flanders is far from average, just as your "average" Brit does not make the trip either, even though many can do it there and back in a day and for the rest of us it only needs one night away.

By definition, those of us interested in the Great War in any detail are a minority and not part of the "average" in this regard. I think this includes Australians.

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This lady I was informed attends nearly every ceremony, I was lucky and attended three cermonies in June this year and this lady caught my attention during thew ceremony. Please find the attached photo, this is the lady Pat.




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  Russell.Gore@crawley.gov.uk a déclaré:
(1) ... je me demandais si vous ou l'un des membres du forum aviez une idée de l'origine de la pierre utilisée dans la construction des portes ... lisez beaucoup de livres sur la porte, mais aucune mention de l'origine des matériaux ,



(1) Tiré de D. Dendooven, Menenpoort & Last Post, p. 71: seule une brève mention du nom "Euvillesteen" (Euville Stone). Je pense que je me souviens aussi (des pièces?) De la pierre de Portland, comme les pierres tombales des cimetières CWGC?

Mais même ainsi, je ne sais pas d'où vient la pierre.



I'm answering this very old post... Euville is a french village located in the Meuse department. There is a store quarry.



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