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Friends Ambulance Unit - Service Records Online

alf mcm

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The Religious Society of Friends {Quakers} have now put their Friends Ambulance Service Records online at http://fau.quaker.org.uk It includes a card for each person, giving quite a lot of detail, including if they were concientious objectors. Most of the cards appear to have a photograph of the named person. Searching is by name only, and is free.


Alf McM

Edit;- working link now added

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Having spent some time at the Society of Friends archives many years ago, my recollection is that these cards only form part of the man's service record. There are also some ledger books or folders containing further details. I just searched the web-site for the names of two of my men, and they aren't there - yet I definitely have details of their service records. Also, the card for one of my men doesn't contain some of the details that I have on him, so I'm certain that there is at least one further existing source in the Friends archives for anyone searching for an FAU member.

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It is good to have the information and the link, but I am puzzled by the allocation of this thread to the "Soldiers" forum. Men volunteered for the Friends Ambulance Unit precisely because they had chosen NOT to be soldiers, and it seems confusing, to say the very least, to retrospectively place them under that.heading.

A search of GWF for FAU has shown that previous FAU threads have been placed as disparately as "Units and Formations", Soldiers" and "Other", which seems to defeat the object of what I understand to be the purpose of fora in GWF, to keep closely related topics together.

"Soldiers" is inappropriate and misleading, particularly for some GWF members who have assumed that it was a military unit.

"Units and Formations" is misleading, in that the term is generally interpreted as military units and formations.

"Other" is as unhelpful as a system which files everything under 'miscellaneous'.

May I suggest a new thread, possinly "Friends Ambulance Unit", or "Civilian Units and Formations" or "Conscientious Objectors" (whose several existing threads are similarly disparately placed).

Could Moderators and others please advise.

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