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Strange letter in mans record


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I found the attached in the file of a man who served with the Labour Corps and was invalided home right at the end of the war with Rheumatic Fever. Does anyone have any ideas what this note might refer to...and does anyone read shorthand!


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Best I can do!

"Purfleet? 14 December 1916

Headquarters Records, Hounslow?

The father of the undermentioned 3993 Private J Jennings/Jenkins, being under my command, has appealed to me under the following circumstances.

At the outbreak of war he had five sons and three immediately joined up. Another, (Private J Jennings of this Company) was called up and posted ??? Since then the other son (the only one left) has been exempt through age from serving and is to be called up soon, and as his absence (or business ????????)

he is desirous that his son who will be called up soon, be substituted by the one under my command.

As this appears to be a very deserving case I should be glad to know how to act, please.

H Searle?



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That's brilliant! and it all makes sense!

Now all I have to do is track down the older sons - the younger one appears to have been exempted in the end as he is at home in the 1918 Electoral Roll.

Many Thanks

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