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What motorbike is this?


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I am cross-posting from another thread (as my experience is that some things DO need cross-referencing some times!), that thread being at: http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=203212&page=7#entry2223885


Reproduced from: http://www.kriegsopfer.org/Regiment_Wk1/KB_16_Res_Inf_Rgt/KB_16_Res_Inf_Rgt_2.html

Any ideas as to what it is? And who he is???


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Possibly a Triumph 3 1/2 HP Roadster 499cc single cylinder produced 1910 to 1914 difficult (for me) to be certain due to picture quality as it's a typical flat tank generic type. The front valanced mudguard is not typical.

See http://www.yesterdays.nl/triumph-1910-3%C2%BDhp-500cc-p-2027.html

The 'EE' registration is civilian registration for Grimsby (Lincolnshire). From 1915 Triumphs produced the 500 cc "Trusty" for the Army in large numbers from 1915 but I don't think it's that model.

No shoulder titles visible but possibly taken at a TF summer camp (or New Army recruits camp?).


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