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Res.Infantry Regt 203 - Ostfront - 1916


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Please can anybody tell me about Res Inf Rgt 203 and its service on the Eastern Front in 1916. I believe it suffered quite badly in the battles of July 1916 ?

Any help is appreciated, thank you


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I'm quite certain that my grandfather trained with 5. Garde-Regt. zu F. (based on his dress uniform) - I also have a picture of him in his field uniform and it appears that he later served with a reserve unit, which I assume is RIR203 (or maybe RIR202) but know almost nothing of his service aside from a few anecdotes. The regimental history was published after WW2 in four volumes, very difficult to find. However, after following TRAJAN's link, it turns out the entire history has been digitized.

Another source on the regiment is "Die Kriegserlebnisse des Grenadiers Rudof Koch" although the author only served with the regiment for about a year (early 1915 to sometime in 1916, iirc).

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In 1916 belonged to the following units:

26.5.15-6.8.16: 86.Res.Inf.Brig. (43.Res.Div.)

7.8.16-4.11.16: 86.Res.Inf.Brig. (K.u.k. 7.Inf.Tr.Div.)

5.11.16-16.9.18: 85.Res.Inf.Brig. (43.Res.Div.)

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