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canadian rfc service numbers


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I am wondering if anyone can help with the following:

My great-uncle, John Thomas Rogerson, trained with the Royal Flying Corps in Toronto during the summer of 1917, before going overseas that fall.

Is cadet no. or service no. was 74189.

I am trying to pinpoint more specifically which class he belonged to.

I do have other information: I believe he was in one of the last classes before the group that went to Texas. (Information I have says he enlisted in June 1917, completed the School of Military Aeronautics in July, and made 2nd Lieutenant in September. Posted to Air Ministry in London in October. His brother wired $50 to Toronto on Nov 1, presumably right before he left.)

So...I wonder specifically if there is a list of services numbers that correspond to each incoming class (or if there is some other way to tell and/or confirm when he actually arrived in Toronto, and/or when he actually enlisted.


Peter Rogerson

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The only list I have (from somewhere on the Forum, some time back), is not that specific:

70001 to 75000 Feb-Sep 1917 RFC - Canadians


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From my scant records, Class 7 passed out of the SMA on/around 5th July and Class 8 on 12th July. Class 9 completed in August, so I'd make an educated guess at Class 7 or 8?

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