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Seeking relative who joined and lied about his age?


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I have discovered many relatives from the first world war, but one is proving very difficult?

He ran off and signed up to follow his father to France and lied about his age?

He was 16 and we assume he pretended he was 18! so a possible birth date of 1896.

Was wounded and sent home when they discovered his age?

Information known so far?

Edward S Norman

DOB: 30th Jan 1898 Norwich, Norfolk

Death: Sept 1982, Hull

1911 Census: age 13, 6 St Georges Avenue, Bournemouth St, Sculcoates Lane, Hull

Mother remembers seeing him several times and he had a limp from shrapnel and the tale told was "he snuck off to join his father and lied about his age till he was injured and sent home"

He is not to be confused with his father..

Edward Samuel Norman

1978 - 1948

Sapper, S No, 474251, 1st East Riding, 529th Field Company Royal Engineers.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of finding someone under such circumstances?

Otherwise have no idea where he went and what he did in France?

Struggling on Ancestry records and National Archives?

Even using name and birth date of 1896.



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As johnboy says he may have enlisted under an alias, however you could try the following:

Check Ancestry for a service/pension record which I assume you've already done?

Check with the descendants of his children starting with the oldest Son to see if anyone has his medals.

Check the MIC's for Edward Norman looking for SWB cards or SWB references, you may get lucky.

Check the local papers to see if his wounding is mentioned.


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Could it be,

Pte Edward Norman 21222 8th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment

Wounded, reported September 1916

Nothing else found on him


I have done many searches? and never come across that one? did you use Ancestry or Nat archives/

Will Look into it!

Thanks! looks promising as in East Yorks same as his father?

Thanks again


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Have found his medal card..


and service medal roll and medal index card in Ancestry..

Nothing yet on been wounded?

Still looking for a war diary or service records?

Found and downloaded the war diary for the 8th Batt east Yorkshire regiment.


Some action mentioned in Sept between the 1st and 8th in the trenches at Hulluch Sector? "casualties slight"

Otherwise lots of movement elsewhere and training after that to Moeux-les-mines?

Still interested where the info came from about been wounded? plus any details?

Great Thanks for your time so far!


Still translating!

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