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Remembered Today:

The Canadian P.1893 bayonet


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No, I haven't got one... yet... :thumbsup:

But I did find this nice web-page about them - and they are almost as rare as my Luxembourg 1900!

See: http://www.bayonetsplus.com/f_Canadian%20P1893%20bayonet.html

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There was on eBay a week or so ago. I don't think it sold and may have been relisted. Worth a check.

All the best,


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While the Canadian P1893 bayonet is unlikely to have been utilised in any capacity during the GW, the Martini-Metford Mk.II rifle it fitted was still knocking around.

Relatively obsolete at this time, there are reports of this rifle still seeing some service in the African campaigns with the British Askari troops, against the Germans.

The Canadian bayonet was a 'cross' between the earlier British P1887 and the newer style P1888, and you can see the similarities in the P1887 style crossguard.

In British service the only bayonet available to attach to the heavy-barrelled Martini-Metford Mk.II was the P1887. Shown below is the converted trials version Mk.IV

Cheers, S>S


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