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Remembered Today:

34 Division 8 June 1917


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16th Battalion Royal Scots (2nd Edinburgh)

101st Brigade of the 34th Division.

I am trying to trace my G G Grandfather John Morris last movements when he died on the 8th June 1917 No 19605 from wounds he has no grave though his name is inscribed at Arras memorial cemetery

My question is which trench's would the 34 division be holding ? at this time

my last movements for him are


31 May 9am Marched to trenches via St Nicholas - St Laurent -

Blangy – Gavrelle the section of trenches taken over was 1000 yards south of Gavrelle, the 103 brigade was on the left and the 11th Suffolks on the right

1 Jun Usual shelling during the day and patrols were sent out at night no casualties

2 Jun Usual shelling during the day at night work was done deeping and widening the trenches in the front Patrols sent out at night

3 Jun Patrols were sent out at night to report enemy front line casualties 1 killed 1 wounded

4 Jun Enemy artillery active our support trenches shelled in the afternoon

5Jun Quiet day casulities 1

6 Jun Nothing unusal to record

7 Jun Our artilry shelled enemy lines severely and in the afternoon the enemy retaliated on support and front lines.

8 Jun Serve shelling enemy shelling throughtthe day 5 killed 10 wounded

18 Jun Battn relieved by 27 North Fus and headed to St Nicholas Camp near Arras then by bus to Houvin and Marched to Magnicourt then to Canche for billets routine and training

Hope someone can help me pin point the area

Many Thanks

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Are you sure he died of wounds? That would seem to imply that he was found and received some treatment.

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I will check again but I am sure he died of wounds. Yes you are correct that does imply that he was treated but maybe were and when he was being treated he got blown up ??

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I thought that my GGGrandfther died in Arras but now I am not so sure after seeing this medical card he died of wounds on 8 June 1917

On 17 April 1916 Wounded on duty

4 May 1917 G S Face sent to Sty H Boulogne on 27 April 1917

Dis to base details Boulogne on 30 April l917

still in Boulogne on the 9 May 1917

Suppose it still gives him time to go back to the front before 8 June 1917 ?

He has no grave but is remembered at Arras memorial cemetery

Wondering if anyone can help ?

Many Thanks


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  • Admin

There are three separate threads running about this man, in three separate sub fora. In all of them people have suggested that he was returned to unit then was killed at Arras.


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