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Remembered Today:

RAF Sergeant Robert Henry Miller 6 Squadron died 28.10.1918


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I'm looking for any info on RAF Sergeant Robert Henry Miller or his squadron from the first world war. I have the basic info from Ancestry / Forces War Records:

Sergeant Robert Henry Miller

Service number: 31013

Unit: RAF 6th Squadron

DOB: 1888

Died: 28.10.18

Record of effects from Tooting Military Hospital

Lived at 30 Niton Road, Richmond, Surrey

Any info or advice on where to look would be much appreciated

Many thanks

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His service record is available on Find My Past. (You can take out a months subscription at the moment for a quid with the code JAN2015)


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post-109151-0-09169500-1422225407_thumb.Hi Coldstreamer and Mick Leeds
Thanks to you both for the info - I got his service record from Find my past as you suggested (I think the voucher ref you had is out of date / not applicable to me, but no worries, it was a good suggestion).

His service record showed details of when he was promoted to sergeant and that he was a "Mech" sergeant, which would fit with him having been a carpenter before joining up, but raised a couple more questions relating to how he died - I've attached his service record and my questions are:

- in the section "Discharge" it says died 28.10.18 and what appears to be "B.O.91" or "B.O.JI" - does anyone have any ideas about this acronym?

- on the bottom right there is a rubber stamp imprint saying "Casualty card destroyed: no entry" with "no entry" crossed out and 14 7/20 written in - does anyone have any idea about the casualty card and what the writing refers to (is it a date?)

Also, I am still on the look-out for any info about his RAF unit, 6th Squadron during 1918 - any info or ideas on this would be appreciated.
Many thanks!

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Hi Mick!

Thanks very much for the link - I hadn't seen this - lots more info here about 6 Squadron - Sergeant Miller not specifically named, but around half the people in the photos aren't named, so he could be there.

Your help much appreciated.

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I'm still trying to get more info on Sgt Robert Henry Miller from RAF 6 squadron; as he died on 28.10.18, does anyone know if 6 Squadron at Abeele Aerodrome sustained and attack sometime in September / early October 1918?

Many thanks!

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