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Unit War Diaries - copyright issues

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Please can Forum members be aware that is against GWF rules to either request copies of files/images downloaded from the National Archives, or other similar websites, or to offer to share these files/images with other Forum members. A reminder of the relevant section of the rules:

Members MUST NOT use the GWF to display any images of MICs, service records etc downloaded from Ancestry.com or similar sites on behalf of a third party. Members who are NOT subscribers to Ancestry and similar sites, MAY NOT use the GWF as a platform to ask parties who are to download data on their behalf.

Members MUST NOT use the GWF (either main forum or messaging facility) to send any copyright items (including downloaded War Diaries) to other members, or indicate willingness to send such items off-forum.

We do not wish to stifle research, but we have a legal responsibility to ensure we do not breach any Terms & Conditions relating to the publishing or exchange of material. We feel it necessary to clarify the situation so as to protect the Forum and its users. We would ask members to report any breaches of the above.

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