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Here's a good one for you folks.

I'm trying to find any information on a Tom or Thomas Lander born 1889 in Yorkshire but raised here in Leicestershire. Family rumour has it that he was in the Police force in London before the war and after learning French and German was recruited by the Surete for intel work including interogation of captured German officers - Almost like a novel from Bernard Newman who was also raised in these parts.

He went on to help set up some kind of lodge by the name of Joan of Arc or similar, possibly something to do with those with the rolled up trouser leg and funny handshakes. He is believed to have gone on to to be a Divisional Inspector at Scotland Yard

This is a bit more than researching the average Private or Corporal that I've looked into in the past and therefore after some idea of sources to look at without breaking any officals secret stuff!



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All open stuff. Try history of MI5 MI6 the medal rolls for 10th Battalion Royal Fusilers and so on.

EDIT interrogation of germans was low grade stuff depending on rank. It's not spy work!

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Probably Thomas Lander A/WO Cl 1 (RSM) GS/15347 Royal Fusiliers (City of London) Intelligence Corps overseas 13/8/1914

There is a Thomas Lander in the register of leavers Metropolitan Police warrant number 100693 joined 13th November 1911 left October 1938 Last posting CO C1 Inspector CID 1st Class (free download at TNA)

The Metropolitan Police Historical Society may be able to research further for a small fee.http://www.metpolicehistory.co.uk/met-police-family-history.html

That is assuming he was in the Met and not the City Police

Not sure about Joan of Arc possibly the Catholic Police Guild? http://catholicpoliceguild.org.uk/main/?page_id=1397


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Hi Tank, I recognise your description to match that of my Grandfather, Thomas Lander. Any information you obtain I would be very interested to know.

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