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Cap badges and arm insignia


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I'm trying to find the regiment of a soldier who's photo I have. I've tried but cannot upload the photo as the file us too big. I'm on an iPad so I can't alter it either.

Anyway the cap badge could possibly be RHA . On his left arm , between his elbow and wrist is a badge that looks like a circle of laurel leaves with the letters LS or LG in the middle.

If anyone can give me any ideas on how to load the file or what the arm badge may be I'd be grateful.

Thanking you in advance

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Hello Tillergirl

LG in script letters within a wreath was usually the badge of a Lewis gunner, which the artillery did not have. L in a wreath was the badge of an expert gun layer, the man who actually aimed a gun at the target.

I think all the branches of the artillery, including the RHA, used the gun cap badge.


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