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Story/ Picture Request Mametz and High Wood.


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Pictures and stories are incredibly precious and personal things. So I do not make this request likely.

I have taken a great interest in a number of thread in which pictures have been taken of particularly High Wood and Mametz. 2 places which I have taken a great deal of interest in since coming home from France and upon reading a book entitled The Hell they Called High Wood.

As it is private land and due to time reasons I didn't get to have a proper look around but I have taken a great interest in other threads where people have outlined their trips into Mametz and High Wood.

In the fate of bringing up already emotive subjects. I wondered if I could hear a few of your stories of your trips into Mametz and High Wood (Its a very odd request I know). I must admit I have read other forums on these subjects a number of times.

I think one thing that has not been covered so much are the individual experiences of these places.

I look forward to reading your stories


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Not exactly what you are looking for, but the singer, Fish, in his latest album "A Feast Of Consequences" has a 5 song suite called the "High Wood Suite"

The songs were written in memory of his Grandfather who served at High Wood with the 1/8th Royal Scots.

Well worth a listen


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That's fantastic. Actually I want to take the time to link you to another thread I set up here. http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=221566&hl=

I am within my final year at University studying music and have decided to get a world class composer to write a euphonium solo which is featured around the feelings, sights and sounds around the cemeteries of the Somme and based around the legacy of my Great Grandfather who was also a brass player who was killed at the Somme.

Check the thread out would be great to have a discussion.

I have to admit I have come across this suite on youtube early last year. Its proper awesome if only more bands were as progressive.

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I refer you the the 'Strange Occurences' thread which has resurfaced again.

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