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Sgt G W Harrington Order of St George


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I am researching the above soldier. I have a post in the Soldiers section of the forum which has yielded the LG entry for the award of this Order to Sgt Harrington. He won this at Hooge in July 1915 whilst with the DLI

My question now: Is there a citation for this award and if so where would I get a copy? Would the DLI war diary have this?



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Hi Tanks3

Citations are quite hard to come by. Your best bet is the War Diary and/ or local newspapers. I have had more success with War diaries than newspapers but then again I live in Australia & it is a little hard for me to view them. The Medal of St George 2nd Cl is usually awarded for an act of bravery, there may not have been enough Imperial awards to go around. I have seen citations for foreign awards that would easily have qualified for a DCM, MC or MM under other circumstances. There are approx 125 gazetted for WW1 up to 1924.

good luck with your search.


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