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Steel Peech & Tozer works memorial,Templeborough, Rotherham


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Albert Victor Agus 11th York & Lancs Pvte 24333. Died of pneumonia 29-Feb-16 aged 22 of 48 Holland Street Rotherham . Buried Rotherham Masborough cemetery.

Horace John Allen 1st/5th York & Lancs Cpl 241845. KIA 18-Apr-18 aged 21 of 4 York Street Masborough. Commemorated Tyne Cot memorial.

John Baker 8th York & Lancs L Cpl 13142. KIA 01-Jul-16 aged 29 of 5 Warwick Street Rotherham. Commemorated Thiepval memorial.

Wilfred Baker 1st York & Lancs Pvte 4795. KIA 08-May-15 aged 21 of 14 Square Yard Masborough. Commemorated Menin Gate.

Arthur Joseph Ball 5th Connaught Rangers Pvte 3308 . KIA 22-Aug-15 aged 24 of 98 Clough Street Masborough. Commemorated Helles memorial.

Arthur Barber 2nd Kings Own Yorks Light Infantry Pvte 7034. KIA 30-Oct-14 aged 34 of 118 Westgate Rotherham. Commemorated Le Touret memorial.

Wilfred Barber 114th heavy battery Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner 113970. DOW 29-Mar-17 aged 22 of 15 Howard Street Rotherham. Buried Agny Military cemetery.

William Barker 8th York & Lancs Pvte 13003 . KIA 23-Jan-16 aged 29 of 8 Amen Corner Masborough. Buried Rue-Petillon military cemetery.

John Willie Barlow 6th York & Lancs Pvte 45639 . DOW 20-Oct-18 aged 23 of 6 Rawmarsh Road Rotherham. Buried Etaples military cemetery.

Albert Beecher 11th East Yorkshire Pvte 51792. KIA 28-Sep-18 aged 22 of 9 Carrington Street Rotherham. Commemorated Tyne Cot memorial.

Charles Leslie Bennett 6th York & Lancs Pvte 45640 . KIA 01-Oct-18 aged 20 of 217 Wortley Road , Bradgate. Buried Sucrerie cemetery.

Matthew Trenary Bettles 1st Northamptonshire Pvte 5852. KIA 24-Oct-14 aged 35 of 32 St Bedes Road Masborough. Commemorated Menin Gate memorial.

Ernest Biltcliffe 1st/5th York & Lancs Pvte 26821. KIA 21-Jul-18 aged 23 of 6 Brinsworth Lane Masborough. Buried Courmas British cemetery.

Percy Brotherton 11th Queens Royal West Surrey Pvte 25632 . KIA 22-Aug-18 aged 20 of 118 Doncaster Road Rotherham. Buried Lijssenthoek cemetery.

George Henry Butcher 458th Field Co Royal Engineers Cpl 476008. DOW 12-Dec-17 aged 38 of 64 Drummond Street Rotherham. Buried Lijssenthoek cemetery.

George Augustine Butler 1st/4th York & Lancs Pvte 1598 . DOW 05-Jul-16 aged 20 of 370 Sheffield Road Tinsley. Buried Doullens communal cemetery.

Bernard James Callaghan 10th York & Lancs Sjt 13845 . DOW 05-Feb-16 aged 34 of 121 Brown Street Masborough. Buried Longuenesse cemetery.

James Robert Coad 5th Royal Irish Regiment RQS 422 . Died of malaria 17-Nov-16 aged 46 of 144 Eastwood Lane Rotherham. Buried Salonika Anglo-French cemetery.

Harry J Coley 1st/5th York & Lancs Pvte 3147. DOW 25-Dec-15 aged 20 of 56 Warden Street Canklow. Buried Rotherham Moorgate cemetery.

Ernest Cooling 8th Kings Own Yorks Light Infantry Cpl 19705 . KIA 01-Jul-16 aged 21.

Buried Blighty Valley cemetery.

Allen Hall Crane 1st Northumberland Fusiliers Pvte 75555. KIA 08-Oct-18 aged 19 of 20 Whitehill Road Brinsworth . Buried Naves Communal cemetery.

Andrew George Darcy 7th Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars Pvte 29470 . KIA 21-Mar-18 aged 37 . Buried Chauny Communal cemetery.

Eli Easthope Howe battn Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Able seaman KP/66. KIA 04-Jun-15 aged 21 of 87 Deepdale Road Kimberworth . Commemorated Helles memorial.

Ernest Edwards 1st/5th York & Lancs Pvte 240953 . KIA 09-Aug-17 aged 25 of 18 Orchard Street Masborough. Buried Coxyde military cemetery.

Samuel John Edwards Howe battn Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Able seaman Z/7156. KIA 20-Jul-17 aged 19 of 80 Mount Street Rotherham. Buried Point-du-Jour military cemetery.

William Lawrence Finney 15th Durham Light Infantry Pvte 99058 . KIA 23-Oct-18 aged 19 of 1 Eldon Road Rotherham . Commemorated Vis-en-Artois memorial.

George Foster 1st York & Lancs Pvte 18785 . KIA 08-May-15 aged 27 of 23 Steel Street Holmes.

Commemorated Menin Gate.

Uriah John Foster 5th York & Lancs Pvte 2680 . KIA 10-Jul-15 aged 22 of 38 Ekin Street Templeborough. Commemorated Menin Gate.

George Herbert Garnham 161st brigade Royal Field Artillery Dvr 26512 . DOW 18-Oct-19 aged 31 of 15 Regent Street Kimberworth. Buried Rotherham Masborough cemetery.

William Gill 10th Kings Own Yorks Light Infantry Pvte 26400.KIA 01-Jul-16 aged 20 of 31 Brown Street Thornhill. Buried Ovillers military cemetery.

Harold Gordon 1st/8th Lancashire Fusiliers Pvte 50446 . KIA 05-Apr-18 aged 19 of 1 Peel Street Rotherham. Buried Bienvillers military cemetery.

Benjamin Ernest Green 7th Cameron Highlanders Pvte S/23811. KIA 08-Sep-16 aged 24 of 18 St Bedes Road Masborough. Commemorated Thiepval memorial.

Harry Green 12th York & Lancs Pvte 255233 . KIA 30-Jun-17 aged 22 of 35 Avondale Road Masborough. Commemorated Arras memorial.

James Green 1st The Buffs (East Kents) Pvte L/9996. KIA 15-Sep-16 aged 24 of 44 Ashwood Road Parkgate. Buried Guards Cemetery Lesboeufs.

Joseph Caladine Green 11th East Yorkshire Pvte 51805 . DOW 30-Sep-18 aged 19 of 162 Brown Street Thornhill. Buried La Kreule miltary cemetery.

John Edward Guy 18th Kings Royal Rifle Corps Cpl R/12988. KIA 24-Aug-18 aged 22 of 191 St Anns Road Rotherham. Buried Lijssenthoek cemetery.

Bertie Hampson 5th York and Lancs Cpl 2685. DOW 24-Oct-16 aged 18 of 86 Drummond Street Rotherham. Buried Couin British cemetery.

George Stanley Harris 1st/5th York & Lancs Cpl 240289 DCM. DOW 14-Apr-18 aged 23 of 59 Wellgate Rotherham. Commemorated Tyne Cot memorial.

William Harris 8th York & Lancs L Cpl 14258. KIA 01-Jul-16 aged 29 of 3 Hartington Road Ferham.Buried Serre Road cemetery.

Thomas Harrison 2nd Royal Warwickshire Pvte 8056 . KIA 19-Dec-14 aged 32 of 160 Victoria Road Rawmarsh. Commemorated Ploegsteert memorial.

Patrick Hastings 15th West Yorks ( Prince of Wales Own ) Pvte 53422. DOW 30-Jun-18 aged 19 of 23 Upper Clara Street Holmes. Buried Longuenesse cemetery.

John Hefford 6th York & Lancs Pvte 31787 . KIA 05-Dec-16 aged 24. Buried Ancre British cemetery.

Walter Hicken 7th East Yorkshire Pvte 16952. KIA 01-Jul-16 aged 30 of 382 Bright Street Carbrook. Buried Fricourt New Military cemetery.

Horace Hicks 12th Kings Own Yorks Light Infantry Sjt 12/1137. Died 23-Feb-19 aged 26 of 13 Holmes Lane Rotherham. Buried Bradford (N Brierley) cemetery.

Arthur Hollindrake 6th Leicestershire Pvte 42268 . Died POW 10-Oct-18 aged 19 of 41 Upper Clara Street , Holmes. Buried Ohlsdorf Hamburg cemetery.

William Henry Howell 1st/5th York & Lancs Pvte 2427 . KIA 19-Dec-15 aged 26 of 7 Victoria Avenue Rotherham. Buried Bard Cottage cemetery.

John Willie Jarvis 2nd/19th London Pvte 612199. Died 20-Aug-18 aged 24 of 121 Effingham Street Rotherham. Commemorated Jerusalem memorial.

Arthur Keens 2nd South Staffs Pvte 48124. KIA 19-Sep-18 aged 19 of 12 Park Street Thornhill.

Buried Flesquieres Hill.

Walter Ketterick 18th Kings Royal Rifle Corps Rifleman R/39461. KIA 18-Sep-17 aged 29 of 121 Cavendish Road Rotherham. Commemorated Tyne Cot memorial.

Eugene Knight 5th Connaught Rangers Pvte 3213. KIA 21-Aug-15 aged 35 of 6 Providence Street Masborough. Commemorated Helles memorial.

David Laythorne 1st/4th York & Lancs Pvte 200156 . DOW 18-Oct-17 aged 43 of 88 Burton Street Sheffield. Nine Elms British cemetery.

John Longden Anson battn Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve Able seaman KP/437. KIA 04-Jun-15 aged 24 of 2 Ellen Street Wilton Gardens Masborough. Commemorated Helles memorial.

Ernest Lawrence McCormick 13th York & Lancs Pvte 44916. KIA 26-Mar-18 aged 19 of 29 Vine Street Rotherham. Buried Bienvillers military cemetery.

Joseph Maud 1st Northumberland Fusiliers Pvte 62033. DOW 16-Jun-18 aged 26.

Buried Pernes British cemetery.

Thomas Millican Depot Durham Light Infantry Pvte 22033. Died 22-Nov-18 aged 23 of 33 Bramwell Street Rotherham. Buried Rotherham Moorgate cemetery.

Leonard Mitchell 8th York & Lancs Pvte 31184. Shot for desertion 19-Sep-17 aged 23 of 2 Albert Street Masborough. Buried La Clytte military cemetery.

William Henry Mitchell 107th brigade Royal Field Artillery Gunner 82231. KIA 09-Aug-17 aged 26 of 74 Rawmarsh Road Rotherham.Buried La Clytte military cemetery . Brother of Leonard above.

William Morgan 459th Field Co Royal Engineers Sjt 478277 C de G. DOW 29-Oct-18 aged 26 of 3 Selbourne Street Rotherham. Buried St Souplet British cemetery.

Thomas Morris 1st/6th Lancashire Fusiliers Pvte 242101. KIA 06-Sep-17aged 28 of 11 Rotherham Road Parkgate. Buried Tyne Cot cemetery.

Arthur Bradley Myers 3rd Sherwood Foresters (Notts& Deby) Pvte 24885. Died 07-Mar-18 aged 34 of 24 Armer Street Masborogh. Buried Rotherham Masborough cemetery.

George Henry Naylor 8th York & Lancs Pvte 41127. KIA 17-Sep-17 aged 21 of 77 Arthur Street Thornhill. Commemorated Tyne Cot memorial.

Richard Harrison Nicholson 1st/5th York & Lancs Pvte 2428. DOW 19-Dec-15 aged 19 of 230 Wellgate Rotherham. Buried Bard Cottage cemetery.

John Edward Notley 150th (Roth) heavy battery Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner 6020. KIA 22-Oct-16 aged 29 of 4 Hollowgate Terrace Rotherham. Buried Thistle Dump cemetery.

Alfred Edward Pickering 2nd/4th York & Lancs Pvte 201658. KIA 03-May-17 aged 20 of 42 Avondale Road Masborough. Commemorated Arras memorial.

Harold Plant 2nd Manchester Pvte 57964 . DOW 04-Nov-18 aged 20 of 52 Badsley Moor Lane Rotherham. Buried Premont British cemetery.

Thomas Redfern 6th York & Lancs Pvte 10706. KIA 22-Aug-15 aged 20 of 20 Clifton Mount Rotherham. Commemorated Helles memorial.

Charles E Roach 7th East Yorkshire Sjt 11662 . KIA 18-Sep-18 aged 26 of 47 Nicholson Road Sheffield. Commemorated Vis-en-Artois memorial.

William Robins 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers Pvte 24140 . KIA 23-Oct-16 aged 25 . Commemorated Thiepval memorial.

Alfred Russell 8th York & Lancs L Cpl 13080 . KIA 01-Jul-16 aged 20 of 91 Midland Road Masborough. Buried Serre Road cemetery.

Wilfred Seeley 3rd West Yorks ( Prince of Wales Own ) Pvte 75058. Died 30-Sep-19 aged 19 of 40 Frederick Street Rotherham. Buried Brimpsfield St Michael , Gloucs.

Albert Clifford Swallow 1st/5th York & Lancs Cpl 2245. KIA 23-Sep-16 aged 22 of 19 St Johns Road Rotherham. Buried Blighty Valley cemetery.

Mark Tams 3rd North Staffordshire ( Prince of Wales ) Drummer 9900. Died 25-Sep-18 aged 47 .

Buried Hanley Stoke on Trent.

Robert Thomas 1st/5th York & Lancs Pvte 241564. KIA 26-Apr-18 aged 26 of 47 Armer Street Rotherham. Buried Suffolk cemetery.

John Winnard Thorne 1st/5th York & Lancs Pvte 2244. DOW 18-Sep-15 aged 19 of 101 College Road Masborough. Buried Lijssenthoek cemetery.

Robert Wake 8th York & Lancs Pvte 13998. KIA 01-Jul-16 aged 23 of 49 Sheffield Road Rotherham. Commemorated Thiepval memorial.

George Scholey Wales 1st/5th York & Lancs Pte 240498. KIA 26-Mar-18 aged 23 of 8 Gilberthorpe Street Rotherham. Buried Polygon Wood cemetery.

Henry Harris Whitaker 2nd York & Lancs Pvte 31397. KIA 12-Oct-16 aged 18 of 13 Wilfred Street Westgate Rotherham. Commemorated Thiepval memorial.

Thomas George White 2nd/5th York & Lancs L Cpl 240760. DOW 22-Nov-17 aged 26. Buried Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British cemetery.

William John White 10th Durham Light Infantry L Sjt 27220. DOW 15-Oct-17 aged 26 of 15 Brook Street Ickles Rotherham. Buried Menin Road South cemetery.

James Wilkinson 1st Connaught Rangers Pvte 9615. KIA 18-Jul-16 aged 26. Commemorated Basra memorial.

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Unfortunately I have not been able to trace the original memorial which lists the 80 men who fell. I have only seen copies at the local archives and at Magna which are not good enough to be reproduced on here.

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By 7 a.m. on the 18th September, the 50th Brigade of which the 7th East Yorkshire Regiment formed part had successful taken the second objective and were in touch with the divisions on the right and left. The battalion suffered heavily from shell fire when the objective was gained. At 1.30 it was reported that the 51st Brigade had carried the third objective, and about the same time the 50th Brigade were warned to be ready for a further attack that evening to capture "'Quentin Redoubt," a strong and dominating position east of Gouzeaucourt. Detailed orders came later to advance at 9 p.m. ''Quentin Redoubt" was captured by the 6th Dorset’s without loss. The situation during the night remained somewhat obscure and the position of the leading troops was not verified till 7 a.m. on the 19th September 1918.

The captures made by 7th Battalion on 18th were 280 prisoners, 20 machine guns, one anti-tank rifle on the morning of 19th the battalion were in trenches south of Gouzeaucourt, west of the railway, the town being strongly held by the enemy. The day was spent in consolidating the line and the battalion was also called on to establish a post on the railway as near Quentin Redoubt as possible to protect the left flank of the Dorset’s who had two companies isolated in the Redoubt. Attacks by the enemy were all repulsed.

post-119320-0-99327000-1421167808_thumb.Sgt CE Roach 11662

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Whalebone - Thank you

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A lady has contacted me with details of her Grandfather who is named on the memorial -

James Robert Coad was born 14 January 1870 at Devonport Street, Stepney, London and was baptised at St Thomas Church, Stepney on 6 February 1870. His parents were James Coad and Sarah Elizabeth Pyner. His father died in February1873 and his mother remarried in November 1873. (Her second husband was Henry Willis). In 1881 James was living at Fisher Street, Barking with his mother, brother (John), sister (Rosetta) and step-sister (Frances Willis). He is listed on the census as being a factory hand. (Probably in a jute factory).

He joined the army (Royal Irish Regiment) in June 1886 when he was 16 but gave his age as 18. He remained in the army for 21 years and was discharged as a colour sergeant in 1907. While in the army he spent 7 years in India between 1890 and 1898 and was awarded the India Medal with clasps for the Punjab Frontier (1897-98) and the Tirah Campaign (1897-98). When he returned from India he went with his regiment to Wexford in Ireland where he met his wife, Mary Ann Murphy. (Her father was a bandmaster with the Royal Irish Regiment). He was married at St Selskars Church in Wexford on 30 November 1898. His first five children were born in Wexford. When he left the army in 1907 he came to Rotherham where one of his sisters, Sarah Sophia, was living. His address was 144 Eastwood Lane and a further four children, including my father, John Robert, were born in Rotherham. He is described on the 1911 Census as a Boiler Smith at a Colliery and on one of his children’s birth certificates in 1912 his occupation is given as a Boiler Fireman at Steelworks (Steel, Peech and Tozer). At the outbreak of the First World War James volunteered and rejoined the Royal Irish Regiment. He was promoted to Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant and after a spell in Ireland he was sent to Egypt and then to Salonika where he died of malaria on 17 November 1916. He is buried in the Lembet Road Military Cemetery in Salonika.

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