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1st Southern Company NCC


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Can anyone help with information about William Edward White 355, 1st Southern Company NCC.

A duplicate record of service shows he was exempted from combatant service only by a local tribunal on 29.02 1916, and he was appointed to NCC 3rd Dorsets.

He arrived in Boulogne with the 1st Southern Company NCC on 29th April 1916 and remained in France till November 1919. Was this company the same one as the Dorsets' one?

We cannot find an MIC for him, being in a NCC would he still have been eligible for the relevant medals?

Any further information on Non-Combatant Corps would be appreciated.



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There's some good info on the NCC on THIS thread - specifically the details posted by Forum member Magnumbellum. I thought the NCC men were entitled to campaign medals for service in France, but a quick search of TNA's database only turned up a few hits, mainly men who appear to have been army NCO's and officers attached to the unit.

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