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Remembered Today:

Rev TL Clarke, 4th batt NTS regiment. Later became the Vicar of Corby


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Does anyone have any information to help with this person at all please.



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I suspect that it is the Rev. Thomas George Clarke

It has been a while since I looked into him, but here is what I have (in no particular order)


Born at Southgate (St Luke), Middlesex, 1857.

Oldest son of Thomas Nichols Clarke, of Southgate, Middlesex.

Matriculated, 19th April 1879, age 25. St Mary Hall, Oxford. B.A. & M.A. in 1886 from Oriel College, Oxford.

Vicar of Odiham, near Hook, Hampshire, as of 1877.

Curate of St Phillip's, Birmingham. Local (Birmingham) secretary of the Balaclava Anniversary Commemoration as of 1896 ("when written to by in a rare letter by Florence Nightingale").

Rector of St John the Baptist Church (St Peter's prior to 1900) of Corby from 1896.

Chaplain to the High Sheriff of Rutland from 1899.

Married to Jessie Cadbury at Birmingham in 1896.

Father of Richard Thomas Victor (born 25-5-1897 at Corby) and Irene Beatrice Clarke (b. 1899 at Corby).

Appointed as acting Chaplain of the 1st Volunteer Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment on 21st January 1907.

Appointed 4th Class Chaplain (Captain) to the Territorial Force on 1st April 1908, gazetted 13-7-1909.

Chaplain of the 4th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment upon the outbreak of war.

Conducted the marriage of Captain Leslie Philip Dorman on 24th May 1915.

Over-age to serve overseas when battalion embarked in July 1915.

Returned to Corby Rectory by December 1915.

Promoted to 3rd Class Chaplain (Major) on 21st January 1917.

Acted as official correspondent to the 1/4th Battalion from late 1915.

Resigned his commission as a Temporary Chaplain to the Forces, 3rd Class, 20th August 1920.

Died between 1921 and 1927.

{Note for possible further information: Papers of the Cadbury Family of Birmingham : Jessie Clarke [no ref. or date] - Notes of Jessie Clarke's earliest recollections in a letter written to her brother William A. Cadbury MS 466/331/1-13 13 December 1928 / Notes re the Cadbury and Adlington predigrees made by Jessie Clarke, in letters to her brothers William and Barrow Cadbury. MS 466/332/1-10 1938 - 1939}


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The following, in connection with his death, may be useful.

His death notice in The Times, Thursday 17.8.1922, and report in the Northampton Mercury, Friday 18.8.1922.



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Thanks Steve once again and HarryBrook for finding me the above information.

Much appreciated.


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