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3rd Btn Coldstream Guards war diary look-up please


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I wonder if I could trouble someone to post or look up part of the 3rd btn Coldstream Guards battalion diary for me.

I am trying to find out where the front line trenches were on March 30th 1916, in the Wieltje salient.

My great grandfather was killed whilst serving in the 2nd btn Coldstream in the front line trenches, which I believe lay somewhere in front of the reserve line on the Yser canal.

I have the 2nd btn diary, but this doesn`t name the trenches, but it does say that on the date in question the 2nd btn were relieved by the third. Hence my request.

Many thanks for looking.

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It just says

29th Canal Bank. Quiet

30th blah, blah, blah. Relieved 2CG in trenches 10pm.

(Relieved by 2CG on 1 April 1916. Their WD just say .... relief in the trenches ie no mention of where)



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Much the same amount of info as the 2nd btn diary then. Oh well, I thought it was a bit of a long-shot, but thanks very much for going to the trouble of looking for me, Graeme. Helpful as ever. :thumbsup:

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Thanks Paul. I hadn`t realised that I could scroll through the months. Looks like they were having it pretty rough too. A lot more detail in this diary compared with that of the Coldstream. Thanks again for posting. :thumbsup:

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