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Remembered Today:

Pte Albert William Parnell, Royal Welsh Fusiliers


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Being trying to find other info on this soldier. This is all i know.

Died at Chelmsford Detention Barracks, report inserted in newspaper July 1917, an inquest was held.

Can't find a Medal Card, most likely didn't served overseas!

Any help would be appreciated.

Happy new year to all forum members.


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Just in case this helps.

July 1917

"At an inquest held at Chelmsford Detention Barracks on Pte Albert William Parnell Royal Welsh

Fusiliers, who shot himself in his room yesterday, it was stated that he was received in the barracks

on Wednesday, was handed a rifle to clean the following morning and although he had been searched

and only dummy cartridges found upon him shot himself.

The commandant of the barracks said by the Army orders all men were handed there rifles to clean.

The Coroner observed it was very unwise to let men have rifles when alone in there rooms and in returning a verdit that Pernell shot himself, the jury expressed concurrence with Mr Lewis views."


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I have a feeling it is a case of mis-reporting.

Try A W Powell.

There is an entry for him on FreeBMD, but nothing for Parnell.

Deaths Sept Qu. 1917

POWELL, Albert W

Age 19

Chelmsford 4a 512a


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Phil, Brilliant i would never have solved that, been bugging me for months that report.

Thank you.


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Which paper was he in Walter? I have looked for him in Welsh ones...nil seen (either name)

The CWGC for Powell gives him a home address of 2 New Vauxhall Terr, Duddleston Mill Rd, Birmingham. I haven't got access to the 'English' newspapers.


edit: found him in one Welsh newspaper but only same as yours


(botton 3rd column)

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Chelmsford Chronicle 06 July 1917

Too small. That's unusual!

I downloaded this without reading it, and decided to transcribe it as it blurred when enlarged.

As I copied it I realised that it includes a graphic description of the method of suicide and a very graphic description of the injuries.

Not sure that I want to add them to this post.


I could PM.


(This report was written before the inquest.)

Actually you could read it here if you subscribe to FINDMYPAST..


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Belfast Telegraph July 1917

Had one the other day surname Swayne and correct surname Swain.


Edit: Apologies chaps just relised that's why i didn't quote full report.

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