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New Downloadable Name Index of German Air Personnel in TSTBII


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I've just posted the first additional "Digital Addendum" to my new book The Sky Their Battlefield II on my website, specifically at this link:


This is free for anyone to download. Essentially it is a Name Index for all 920 German and Austrian airmen who appear in my new work. It links these individuals to their 3,500 claims and other air fighting described in its pages. For each airman it gives specific dates, in particular theatres, and usefully within each man's record it breaks down these references to the specific units he was chronologically flying with. You get all of a man's claims with Jasta 26, and then follows those with Jasta 33, where he moved on to, and so on. At a glance one can see an airman or ace's progression, as well as his changing intensity of air fighting during different phases of the war, by reference to specific days.

These individuals are not just aces – they include one and two-seater airmen – essentially anyone from the German and Austrian side who was in the air, fighting with British or American airmen, and who made a claim or was involved in known combat and whose story has made it into my research.

My book is, of course, centred on the Allied war effort in the air between 1914 and 1918. It looks at almost 17,000 Allied airmen from Britain, the Commonwealth, and the USA. Yet TSTBII is not just about the Allied forces – there is another story, a second set of facts and detailed research lurking in its pages. This is the story of the German Air Force in 1914-18, told through the air fighting and the sacrifice of these 920 German and Austrian individuals. By reference to them thousands of events are described from the German side.

Feel free to download the pdf file provided on my site of the whole index (you can see how I've spent my Christmas break, doing this!). And while you're there, please explore my website and get in touch if you might want to buy a copy of my book.

Here's a small sample of this new German Names Index, showing how it works (ps, it's Ver. 01!!). The Roman numerals refer to the nine different parts of my book, by the way: e.g., -I is the British and Commonwealth Western Front, -II is the American air war, etc..

Reimann,Offst.L, [Ja1] 24Aug.16-I

Reimann,Ltn.,Vfw.,Offst.L, [Ja2] 17Sep.16-I, 22Sep.16-I, 23Sep.16-I, 27Sep.16-I, 16Oct.16-I, 21Oct.16-I, 22Oct.16-I

Reimann,Vfw.P, [Ja52] 5Jun.18-I

Reimers,Uffz.H, [Ja6] 9Aug.18-I

Reinhard,Oblt.W, [Ja11] 22Jul.17-I, 14Aug.17-II, 14Aug.17-I, 26Aug.17-I

Reinhard,Oblt.,Hpt.W, [Ja6] 4Jan.18-I, 16Feb.18-I, 18Mar.18-I, 27Mar.18-I, 1Apr.18-I

Reinhard,Oblt.W, [JGI] 9May.18-I

Reinhardt,Ltn.A, 11Oct.15-I

Reinhold,Uffz.K, [Ja24] 14Aug.17-I, 15Nov.17-I, 7Dec.17-I

Reiss,Vfw.W, [Ja3] 10May.17-I

Reissinger,Vfw.R, [Ja12] 11May.17-I, 6Jun.17-I

Reulein,Pion., [FAb287] 9Feb.18-I

von Richthofen,Ltn.L.Fr., [Ja11] 25Mar.17-I, 28Mar.17-I, 11Apr.17-I, 13Apr.17-I, 14Apr.17-I, 16Apr.17-I, 21Apr.17-I, 23Apr.17-I, 26Apr.17-I, 27Apr.17-I, 29Apr.17-I, 30Apr.17-I, 1May.17-I, 6May.17-I, 7May.17-I, 9May.17-I, 10May.17-I, 11May.17-I, 13May.17-I, 23Nov.17-I, 11Mar.18-I, 12Mar.18-I, 13Mar.18-I, 25Jul.18-I, 8Aug.18-I, 9Aug.18-I, 11Aug.18-I, 12Aug.18-I

von Richthofen,Ltn.M.Fr., [Ja2,JaB] 17Sep.16-I, 23Sep.16-I, 30Sep.16-I, 7Oct.16-I, 16Oct.16-I, 25Oct.16-I, 3Nov.16-I, 9Nov.16-I, 20Nov.16-I, 23Nov.16-I, 11Dec.16-I, 20Dec.16-I, 4Jan.17-I

von Richthofen,Ltn.Oblt.,Rittm.M.Fr., [Ja11] 23Jan.17-I, 24Jan.17-I, 1Feb.17-I, 14Feb.17-I, 4Mar.17-I, 6Mar.17-I, 9Mar.17-I, 11Mar.17-I, 17Mar.17-I, 21Mar.17-I, 24Mar.17-I, 25Mar.17-I, 2Apr.17-I, 3Apr.17-I, 5Apr.17-I, 7Apr.17-I, 8Apr.17-I, 11Apr.17-I, 13Apr.17-I, 14Apr.17-I, 16Apr.17-I, 22Apr.17-I, 23Apr.17-I, 28Apr.17-I, 29Apr.17-I

von Richthofen,Rittm.M.Fr., [JG1] 18Jun.17-I, 24Jun.17-I, 25Jun.17-I, 2Jul.17-I, 16Aug.17-I, 26Aug.17-I, (.. etc – see pdf)

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Many thanks for this - just down loaded it.

May i wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year?

And good luck with the sales of your remarkable book.

Best Regards


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