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Foreign nationals on the Menin Gate


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I have compiled the list below of soldiers who were nationals, or were born in or lived and were educated in the various countries of Europe, Brazil, Japan, Russia or the USA and are commemorated on the Menin Gate. (I have not included widows who remarried to a foreign national but are recorded as a next of kin.)

I am sure that there must be many more that I have not identified and wonder if anyone has any more they could add to the list?

1276 Private Victor Henry Fletcher
Second Lieutenant Edward Godfery
F/2769 Private Bruce R Moore

13264 Private Frans Dieltjens
1021239 Private Albert Louise Dumont
225570 Private Edmond Goethals
3105 Corporal Frederick John Roos
19001 Private Gerard Trans Octave Stuer
888266 Private Richard Taelman
687353 Private Theophildus Van Vaerenbergh
908078 Private William Vangheluwe

294080 Private Carl Emil Albrectsen
18474 Private Carl Steen Boolsen
70183 Private Einar Christiansen
1042 Private Marius Gehlert
2788 Private Rasmus Martin Hansen
424959 Private Jorgen Peter Jespersen
226 Private Christian Jonge-Hoyer
3826 Private Christian Ludwig Lund
3635A Private Soren Christian Sorensen

6706 Private Hugo Asplund
267937 Private August Puurunen
10495 Private Julius Konstantin Sandholm

Lieutenant Wallace Edward Bruce
Second Lieutenant Frederick Herbert Devereux
5003 Private Francois Eveillard
64055 Private Pierre Henri Lambert, M M
22758 Private Hector Salembier

228331 Private Felix Bob
6834 Private William George Lock
2754 Rifleman Edgar Henry Mellin
S/7377 Rifleman Herbert Wood, MM

810 Private Jaccbus Justinus Meyerink, MM
1903 Private Herman Neimeyer
447828 Private Douwe Fredrik Puncke

769815 Private Frank Denora
234569 Private Giacinto Grossi
24267 Private John Montanelli

697078 Private Hikotaro Koyanagi
114856 Private Teizo Nishioka

1122 Private Benjamin Beaufoy

3754 Lance Corporal R L Gronnevold, served as Robert Edward Grenwell
1009061 Private Niels Helseth
21952 Private Konrad Karelsen
18366 Private Johan Ludvig Larsen
2721 Private Oskar Nilsen

Second Lieutenant Sidney Harold Lionel Douglas-Crompton
128017 2nd Corporal James Temple Pollock

417901 Private Dan Melnik
478634 Private Iganty Melnik
439474 Private Joe Sebastin

2015199 Private Andrew Bergstedt
18779 Private Peter Nord
267083 Private Edvin Robert Olson
1000411 Private Karl Adrian Olson
2271A Private Oscar Wikstrom

United States Of America
820341 Private Oscar Anderson
850609 Private Hyman Isaac Baker
25821 Private Samuel Banks
904052 Private Grover Cleveland Barry
417114 Private Arthur Beauchesne
761313 Sapper Wilfred Henry Bland
40028 Private John William Booth
A/10296 Lance Corporal Frank Bouffard
761292 Private Bertram Bowron
453254 Private Robert Malcolm Boyd
264384 Private William Everett Brewster
22703 Lance Corporal David Henry Briggs
438302 Private Robert Watson Brodie
441132 Private John Buxton
400511 Private George Hastings Carson
Lieutenant John Bryson Cascadden
2561 Private Willis Titus Chapman
69152 Lance Corporal Harold Ray Charlton
51103 Private Joseph Henry Clare
472563 Corporal Robert Benjamin Clark, MM
27052 Private George Hugh Cleal
276 Sergeant Victor Herschel Conley
826137 Private John Connelly
7911 Private Robert Cunningham
73053 Sergeant Albert Cutler
25977 Private Harry Hewitt Daniels
445696 Private Ralph Edward Dewitt
279217 Private Louis Anthony Dobry
430968 Private John Dochard
211145 Private James Douglas
1148 Private Benjamin R Dunbar
6182 Private Thomas Louis Dunn
9664 Private Samuel Dwyer
418090 Sergeant William Alfred Eykel
153848 Corporal Frank Eykelbosch
445288 Private Charles White Fairweather
227607 Private Creighton Dewey Fitzgerald, MM
467662 Private Thomas Francis Fitzgerald
25582 Private Frank Flanagan
427091 Lance Corporal Herbert Harradon Fletcher
411003 Corporal Charles Ian Forman
8428 Lance Corporal Joseph Franklin
2983 Lance Corporal John Fraser
27715 Corporal Gordon Cameron Freeland
253133 Private Peter W Friesen
110196 Private Albert Howard Goodman
252904 Private Lee Graham
7918 Private Walter Haggas
20624 Private A B Hall
7978 Private William John Hallimond
892045 Private Jesse Carr Hamilton
35307 Private Ernest Hanvey
51228 Private Arthur Harbidge
467028 Private Charley Raymond Hargrave
487663 Private Macdonald Francis Harper
461343 Private James Frederick Harrison, D C M
6948 Private Albert Fred Hass
2517 Corporal Walter Theodor Hass
439688 Private Carl L Hathaway
26121 Private Silvester Hawkes
1330 Private Michael J Healy
27076 Private William Fast Henderson
283510 Private James Edward Higgins
5029 Private Arthur George Hill
681 Private Thomas Hill
898028 Private George W Holt
437440 Private Edgar Franklin Hughes
18817 Corporal Edward Samuel Hughes
177849 Private William Forbes Hurry
9684 Private Clarence Daniel Kaelin
424986 Private John Frank Kiley
1051280 Private W F Kingrey
696691 Private Harry R Lee
27223 Corporal Clifford Henry
2660 Private Richard Lindop
1527 Lance Corporal Peter Lindsay
63539 Private Thomas James Little
415801 Private Osman Ernest Bernard Lloyd
73477 Private Thomas E Long
198495 Sergeant George Joseph Madden
28717 Private Hugh Mahon
6785 Private John Charles Marchant
25673 Sergeant Charles Arthur Marshall
463323 Corporal Murdock Matheson
748708 Private Sydney Garnet Menard
2163 Private James Menoch
252916 Private Henry Mermet
144993 Private Andrew Emmett Mesick
157642 Private Charles Methven
108389 Private Samuel Damam Miller
880820 Private Arthur Mitchell
288684 Private Christopher James Moore
Mcg/57 Private Murrya Morgan
439804 Private Richard Barton Moughton
68 Private James Smith Mullin
67630 Private John Murdoch Macneil
9073 Private William Edward McCleery
G/7182 Private Alexander McColl
18973 Private William McCormick
255876 Private Roy Lee McCoy
59721 Private George Harold Mcgrayne
7599 Corporal John Mcilroy
10783 Private Donald Henry Mcleod
S/8770 Private John McNeil
237368 Private Edward Joseph Neeson
24635 Sergeant William Campbell Neil
401668 Private Elmer Nelson
231498 Private George Foster Niblock
G/52133 Private Samuel J Nixon
261529 Lance Corporal Arthur Ward Northrup
291563 Private William Henry Odell
105590 Private Magnus J Olafson
141269 Private John William Patterson
MCG/74 Private John Burton Perkins
222753 Private Marshall C Perry
MCG/73 Lance Corporal Earle Merritt Phillips
1015382 Private Edward Porter
11913 Private Daniel Quill
26029 Company Sergeant Major Richard William Rankin
26011 Private Ernest Robert Rayner
1015951 Private Blaine Richardson
4015 Private James Riddler
21511 Private George Rippengale
410871 Private Matthew Northup Robson
902156 Corporal Oscar Eugene Rushton
12944 Sergeant Henry Morton Stanley
13554 Private Curtis Sarff
811140 Private Roy Everette Seitsinger
235344 Private Herbert Sellwood
453565 Private Joseph Vernier Shoemaker
1015738 Private Joseph Carr Simpson
1045998 Private Homer Emmett Smith
491222 Private William Smoker
440808 Private Oscar Gustav Soberg
902492 Private Charles Edward Spence
1117 Private William J Stephens
36248 Private Arthur Tyrie Stevens
993 Private William Stewart
488410 Private William David Stewart
110535 Private William Arthur Stoddart
460368 Private Roy George Edward Stokes
736614 Private Francis William Suggitt
261673 Private Edward Patrick Sullivan
66274 Private James Raphael Sullivan
8742 Corporal Herbert Sussemilch
Lieutenant Harry Swendson
418991 Private Lionel John Tautz
160965 Private Arthur H Taylor
438853 Private Joseph Napoleon Adelard Tetrault
922642 Private Thomas Otway Thomas
633097 Private Howard James Thornton
27267 Private George Todd
439583 Lance Corporal Alexander Kay Tomory
733928 Private Roscoe Vaughn Trask
20441 Private Harry Turner
234934 Private Martin Tore Wallberg
622991 Private Harry Joseph Welby
116316 Private Arthur Monroe Wesson
2137312 Private Edward Wheeler
427455 Private Joseph Francis Exavier White
140321 Sapper William Osborne Wootton
57128 Private George Joseph Wymond

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You can add Edgar Lewis Delan, 10827, Private 1st South Wales Borderers, killed in the unit's attack at Langemarck 21st October 1914.

Born in New York USA as Louis P.Delan (or De Lan): both natural parents died, and he came over to Britain with his step-mother in about 1910 aged 14-15. So by the 1911 Census and the time he enlisted in 1912 he was able to claim he was a Britisn subject by parentage. His half-brother also served with the British Army and RAF in WW1, before returning to the USA and regaining his original citizenship, and dying in 1979.


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Dear Clive

Thanks for that one, good stuff!


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My apologies as I have none to add but thank you WF for the list. A huge task and very interesting to see, particularly how many Americans are on the Gate. I visited your website and I would like to recommend it to everyone reading this! Very interesting and many books to choose from as well. Thanks WF!

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Thanks very much for your kind remarks, they are much appreciated.

I have found three more:

Private Carl Ludwig Hovgaard from Denmark.

2nd Lieutenant Albert Gjems from Norway

Private Lars Aslagsen from Norway

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Hi Wilhelm,

Thank you for this post I never realised that there were Swedish nationals commemorated on the Gate.


2015199 Private Andrew Bergstedt

18779 Private Peter Nord

267083 Private Edvin Robert Olson

1000411 Private Karl Adrian Olson

2271A Private Oscar Wikstrom

I will make it one of my New Years resolutions to find out about them and the units they served in.

Best regards


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Hi Pompey

This might save you time!

2015199 Private Andrew Bergstedt
(Served as Bergman)
2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion
Died on 31st October 1917, aged 33
Commemorated on Panel 30, 32.

Son Of O Aug. And Johanna Bergstedt, Of Sandliden, Kville, Sweden.

18779 Private Peter Nord
2nd Battalion Canadian Infantry
Died on 26th April 1915, aged 33
Commemorated on Panel 10 - 18 - 26 - 28.

Son Of Martin And Brita Pettersson, Of Haste, Rodon, Jamtland, Sweden.

267083 Private Edvin Robert Olson
5th Battalion Canadian Infantry
Died on 10th November 1917, aged 21
Commemorated on Panel 18 - 26 - 28.

Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Ola Anderson, Of Vombs, Weberod, Skane, Sweden.

1000411 Private Karl Adrian Olson
43rd Battalion Canadian Infantry
Died on 26th October 1917, aged 29
Commemorated on Panel 24 - 26 - 28 - 30.

Son Of August And Maria Olson, Of Gjutaren, No. 5, Trollhattan, Sweden.

2271A Private Oscar Wikstrom
50th Battalion Australian Infantry, AIF
Died on 16th October 1917
Commemorated on Panel 7 - 17 - 23 - 25 - 27 - 29 - 31.

Son Of Erik Axel And Thomasine Wikstrom, Of 5, Skepparegaton St., Gottenburg, Sweden. Native Of Landskrona.



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If you go the CWGC site and search for war dead, leave all fields blank and enter Sweden in the field for "additional information" you will find a lot more from different memorials and cemeteries. Most serving in canadian, australian or NZ units.


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Wilhelm / Lars,

thank you for the information I can see that I will end up researching a much bigger list of men who fought and died from Sweden. It has started to become an additional aspect of the Great War to look into. My wife's great uncle (Swedish from Linköping) died in London in WW2 and since researching his death she has become more interested in 'neutral' Sweden's role in both wars.

Best Regards


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My wife works on behalf of several Czechoslovak commemoration projects. She confirms at least 3 Czech/Slovak nationals are listed with several more listed on the Tyner Cot memorial plus burials. She will confirm names on her return from the Czech Republic in the new year. Amazing thread!

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Looking forward to the Czech and Slovak nationals, most interesting.

I have often passed through Linköping and the other 'köpings'. Always enjoy Sweden when in a fully loaded camper van!!

As and when I come across further men I will add them to a post, am sure there will be quite a few.

Best wishes


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I used to live in Linköping (1991-1999), it's air force museum is very good. I have the medal group to an airman of swedish descent from the Linköping area. Erik W Lindeberg, 24 Sqn and four victories. He was born in Glasgow just after his parents had emigrated from Sweden.

Lots of interesting stories about Scandinavians in brtish/commonwealth service. A soldier of danish descent on Menin Gate is Carl Victor Jensen, born in britain with a danish father.



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  • Admin


Wonderful work.

For the Australians you could try entering the initials (or full name if ou have it) and surname into the AIF Database. That will show you matches to the names and the unit he served with. Also a pretty complete transcription of his service record.

Probably of more help to Lars and Pompey but the Mapping our Anzacs is an amazing site. Based on stated places of birth on service records, it has plotted them on a map and provides a link to the front page of the service record.

Whichever search you use, to see the full record, you still need to go to the National Archives of Australia (naa.gov.au and do a Record Search then NameSearch)

good luck and keep us posted.


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Interesting research topic. To advise that thousands of Russians served with the CEF, and about a thousand with the ANZACS, so you will find more than 3 on the Menin Gate.

Happy hunting!

I have compiled the list below of soldiers who were nationals, or were born in or lived and were educated in the various countries of Europe, Brazil, Japan, Russia or the USA and are commemorated on the Menin Gate.

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Lars / Glen

I went to the Linköping Air Force Museum ( www.flygvapenmuseum.se ) a couple of years ago when they had just finished carrying out a major refurbishment. A great museum where you can get close up to the aircraft.and well worth a visit by anyone in the area.

You are right 'Mapping out ANZACs' is an amazing site that you could spend many hours and wonder where the day has gone!

Thanks and regards


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  • 2 months later...

Wilhelm. Please accept my apologies for my belated response but better late than never I hope....

Pte Joseph Moulin

Rifleman Anton Kastner

Pte Vaclav Lerner

All Czechoslovak & commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial.

Best wishes


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Absolutely brilliant, thanks so much.

Never too late.

Best wishes


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I have found Anton Kastner on the Menin Gate but I cannot find trace of either Joseph Moulin or Vaclav Lerner anywhere and not on the Menin Gate.

Can you give better information please?


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  • 5 weeks later...

Hello Wilhelm, I am not much on the Great War forum, but I have followed this link with great interest! I think Chris, my husband, somehow didn' t reply to your last query, so I will do it for him ;-)

MOULIS, JOSEPH Private 44919 10/08/1917 Royal Fusiliers United Kingdom Panel 6 and 8. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL KASTNER, ANTON Rifleman R/38215 31/07/1917 33 King's Royal Rifle Corps United Kingdom Panel 51 and 53. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL LEGNER, WACLAV Private 44996 31/07/1917 Royal Fusiliers United Kingdom Panel 6 and 8. YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL

There are three Czechs on the Menin Gate (no Slovaks) and 4 more Czechs on the Tyne Cot Memorial (Karel Dustir, Jan Pivoda, Joseph Stehno and Bohumil Vavra)

Hope this helps.

Milena - Chris' s Czech wife

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Hi Milena

Many thanks for the reply, with the links. I should have been able to find the names but to have the correct spelling and link it brilliant. Very many thanks again.

Best wishes


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Daniel Quill of the 1st SWB was born in Macroom, Cork, Ireland. He does appear to have sailed to America on 29 March 1904 after having appeared in Middlesborough on the 1901 Census, living with a number of other Irish workers.

It would be interesting to know how long he was in the USA for, and does he qualify as a foreign national on the Menin Gate as he was living in Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire by 1911, working as a colliery labourer?


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Hi Diggler

As he was born in Macroom, Cork, and lived in Carmarthenshire, he was a British National and thus not a foreign national. He may have worked in America or in other 'foreign parts' but it is doubtful he took up another nationality.



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Add ....Undery (plaque 7 or 8, I think), Norfolk something. His sister was my primary school teacher on Gibraltar.

Call her anything but British and she could get violent even though she spent her entire life (other than evacuation in WW2) on Gibralter.

Overall, many of these men could well have called themselves British. Just because you are born outside Britain you are not necessarily anything other than British (legally). There are at least 2 million British outside Britain in the EU alone today. It was ever thus.

In my family alone we can count:


his wife,

2 granchildren.


her husband.


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And me!

Thanks for reminding me of 2nd Lieutenant John Alfred Undery, Panel 8.

I'll do a better search for Gibraltarians — wonderful place.

Thanks so much.


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