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Lt JW Halcrow & Capt GA Burney RFC


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My relative Lt John William Halcrow RFC (observer) flying with Capt GA Burney RFC (pilot) were shot down on 7th July 1916 near Authuille on the Somme ,( I have read somewhere that it was by friendly fire) . If they were shot down here

why were they laid to rest at Warloy-Baillon which is some 15 klm away, could it be that is where the 4th Sqn RFC was based or maybe they were still alive and died later. I plan to visit both places very soon my relative was originally with the

Dorset regiment I understand there is a memorial for the Dorset regiment at Authuille and wondered if it is sign posted .

I would be grateful if any members had been to either and could offer any tips Merry Christmas to all.


Peter Halcrow.

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I looked on CWGC for the Cemetery and see that there were a few airmen buried there,at least one other from 4 Sqn.

I suggest that it would make a difference where airmen were shot down,if behind our lines I could see their colleagues recovering them back to base to bury them. There would almost certainly be some recovery of the wreckage by the Sqn too.

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Thank you for your reply Sotonmate

That does make sense I know the incident I am referring to is mentioned in a book or two so I will try to find out which they are , there is also a photograph which is in the IWM London of the two men I am interested in I did Email them about it but as of yet had no reply I am planning to visit there also next month so wish me luck.

Regards Peter H.

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