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Thanks for previous help.... A new picture has come to light.....

This Gent is my Great Uncle Frederick Hill born 1880 ish South Molton Devon ... I have no idea about anything else.... Can anyone suggest where to start with this photo?What's with the shorts??????

Many Thanks



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Gave him a bit of a clean up - makes some things more obvious.

Tropical shorts/Wollsely(Pith Helmet) suggest it was probably taken in India or the Middle East (Egypt/Palestine etc).

He appears to have a medal ribbon visible but I cannot identify it.(it may be a blemish but I don't think so)

Can't see any unit insignia on the pith helment.

It is possible that he has Khaki drill shorts but a wool Service Dress Jacket - a mixture more common in Mesopotamia/Salonika etc. but I don't see any evidence of lower pockets so it is probably a KD jacket too

Is there anything on the back of the card? (photographer mark/language hint etc?)



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He is wearing a single medal riband. With a birth date of 1880 it is probably a Queen's S. Africa medal.

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I agree that the jacket looks as if it is serge. It might be an India Pattern serge jacket. A number of patterns were used in India that fell outside those used at home. Tailoring was so cheap there that much local purchase was carried out for clothing.

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Hi Barney

Could the man - holder of the Queens South Africa Medal - detailed in these forms be your man?

Father - John and Wife - Emily


Second Form



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If it is the same man, he was previously in the Militia/Special Reserve with the 4th Battalion Devonshire Regt. I think that would probably have made him a Group D Reservist upon the outbreak of war.

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