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South Wales Borderers? Identification cap / belt photo


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Can anyone please help with this photo postcard of this young looking lad?

On the rear of the card is 'S Wales Borderers' in pencil, but the cap badge is star shaped

and also I cannot identify the belt buckle design, looks a bit like a dragonfly shape.




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Many thanks.

So the belt buckle is this one?

I just cannot match that one to the photo, unless they were not all standard?

The badge you show is a typical Church Lads Brigade Cap Badge as worn in your original photograph.

Here is an example of the two part belt buckle being worn by your chap.

Hope this helps



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The CLB was founded in 1891 and lads wore a cap, belt and haversack uniform like the BB. In 1911, the CLB allowed their companies to register as Cadets. From 1913, CLB companies could chose to wear khaki service dress. The cap badge became smaller to be worn on the khaki cap...as in your picture. The CLB were affiliated to the KRRC in 1917 and the badge changed to a blackened KRRC CLB Cadets badge. This dates your picture to 1913 to 1917.

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Thanks Sepoy & Conijoni,

That is a great help, I had never even known about the CLB before so I will know what to look for in future.

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