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Location of Royal Bavarian 6th Div 13th Inf Reg July 27 1917

Dale Greenawald

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I have been trying without success to find the general location of the Royal Bavarian 6th Division 11th Brig 13th Inf Reg on July 27 1917. At that time they were on the Arras front, but I don't know where. The Imperial War Museum said that their maps do not indicate the location of German units. The Tagbuch for the 13th reg is missing from the Bayrische Haupt Staadt Archiv in Munchen. A Tagbuch for the 12 Brigade does exist, but there is no indication that the two brigades would have been deployed together Any leads or suggestions on how I might determine the location ofthis unit would be deeply appreciated Respecfully Dr G Dale Greenawald Thank You in advance!

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Taken from

Histories of two hundred and fifty-one divisions of the German army which participated in the war (1914-1918) compiled from records of Intelligence section of the General staff, American expeditionary forces, at General Headquarters, Chaumont, France, 1919.

(if you search the web there are free downloads) (ie https://archive.org/details/historiesoftwohu00unit

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