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Deciphering war record

peter cluer

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Can someone help me decipher my Grandads war record please.

His history sheet reads

Home 22-8-14 to 3-3-15

France 4-3-15 to 1-4-19

Germany 2-4-19 to 14-8-19

Home 15-8-19 to 21-8-34

1 Depot 22-8-14

2 Battery posted 22-8-14

1B res Bde posted 23-9-14

4A res Bde posted 23-2-15

R.H.A. 14th Bde A.C. posted 27-1-17

6 / 27-9-19 310 Bde posted 15-6-19

7 / 1d 8-1-20 iv res Bde posted 7-1-20

There are a couple of more postings after this but only for a month or two. He was transferred to the reserve on 21-8-20.

I know he was in 5 Battery R.F.A. I am trying to work out the postings, was he posted to or from these units on the given dates and what battles he took part in. I have tried going through the Long Long Trail but am getting confused as I looked at the posting for 14 Bde RHA and as far as i was able to make out they were posted to Italy. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you .Kind regards Peter

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Are you happy to give his name, rank and DOB?

Then those of us with an Ancestry subscription could look up his record ourselves, and see if we can glean any more info.

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Hello Peter

The dates given are those when he was posted TO the unit concerned. Are you sure that he was in 5 Battery, and not in 5 Reserve Battery which was part of 1B Reserve Brigade? Also, 4A Reserve Brigade did not serve abroad so he must have gone to France on 3 March 1915 with another unit. He probably earned the 1914-15 Star: have you looked to see if there is a separate medal index card for that award, which may give the unit when he went to France?


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Thank you for the replies lads .I had to acquire his records from the MOD as ancestry didnt have them.i

There is a signature on his records which looks like the name Barnes who was Commander 5th Battery.Unfortunately his signature partially covers the reserve brigade number but it looks like 1E or 1L . Was there any reserve brigades with these numbers. Kind Regards Peter

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Peter, with all due respect, Pals here have been searching and sifting through military service documents for many years now and some have developed skills akin to the paranormal in finding what others consider impossible.

What you have said you "know" looks fragile on the first glances that some have given, so please, unless there is a personal reason, give his Name Rank and Number and anything else.

There have been many cases of finding needles in haystacks, but give us a "cluer" as where the haystack is!

Give us enough to help you with the answers you want.

I'm glad you were able to obtain his Service Records from the MoD, that often is the case if the man remained in the Army for some time post WW1, as seems to be the case with your Grandad, if he was still in the Reserve until August 1934. It might be assumed that for a man to be retained for that long indicates he may have been a commissioned officer, with some special abilities requiring his retention by the Army. So give us a chance, there may be much more to be found than just his places of service.

And welcome aboard, seasons greetings!

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Hi Kevin, I know what a great depth of knowledge the lads on this forum have because if it wasnt for them I wouldnt have my grandads service records. I had previously posted messages on the forum giving his details but I thought I was probably going over old ground, thats why I didnt give any info on him. He was Driver James Malone 84916 R.F.A..born Nov. 1892.

I have a copy of his attestation papers which I found on Find my Past and the lads on the forum pointed me to applying to the MOD for his records.

I have tried to copy them and post them as an attachment but cant reduce them in size to enable me to send them.

Being an ex Royal Navy man I dont know much about the Army and as a 66 year old even less about I.T.

Do you think it would be possible to post copies of the records to the fourteen eighteen website as I would be willing to pay to get them deciphered.Thank You Regards Peter

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OK, I now see that some of your previous posts were in respect of your Grandad.

Other Pals have had time to help on your previous questions for him, so I'll defer to those with access to FMP or who can better assist you.

Good luck!

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