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Article on Russian High Command, 1914-1915


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The following article directly refutes a key contention of Norman Stone, namely that the Russian defeat in 1915 was exacerbated by a fight between two "schools" of thought: one aristocratic and conservative, the other middle class and modernizing. Rather, the author claims the main reason for the disasters of 1915 had to do with high command indecisiveness in making key decisions - a problem which would haunt the Red Army a generation later.


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Some other books on this subject:


"Austria-Hungary's last war 191-1918"

Effectiveness of Military institutions Volume 1 WWI dticmil


Breakthrough (a account of the Groric-tarraw offensive)

Grand Duke Nicholas Nicholeavich Supreme commander of the Russian army (new bio of him)

Nationalizing the Russian Empire ( carrying out a major deportation of jews in May 1915 by the Northwest front looks like a bad idea when you need trains to move troops around)

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