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Sherwood Foresters 2/8th Battalion History


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Anyone have an original copy, from which they would be willing to scan photos, plans and maps as jpegs please.

I have one of the new reproduction copies, and the illustrations are very poor. If I can get hold of some decent images, my intention is to rebind the new copy with new illustrations in a hard backed book.

Fingers crossed.

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I've not yet had any response, and that may be of course because no-one wants to damage what would be expensive and precious books! However, if you have any loose pages in such a book, even if just one or two, which shows an illustration which you might able to copy, that would be more than acceptable. There are no lists of illustrations or maps in my facsimile copy, but there is a frontispiece photograph (Colonel & Mascot), and others at or around page 65 (Dunlavin Bivouac and Glen Imaal), page 87 (officers at the Curragh and Marching Past Lord French), page 141 (Lewis Gun Section), page 198 (Battalion Marching),

Maps and Diagrams at or around page 37 (Plan 1 -Fighting in Dublin), page 45 (Plan 2 -Fighting in Dublin), page 96 (Cruciform Post), page 113 (Plan III Vendelles), page 129 (Malakoff Farm - Hargicourt), page 161 (Ypres), pages 208 (Cambrai).

Any one of those images, maps or diagrams as a scanned jpag would be very gratefully received,

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The regimental museum will do the job for you but there is a charge, contact the archivist Jennifer. BRONNO.

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If anyone is looking for an original copy, there is one for sale on e bay at the moment priced at £30 or make an offer, I'm not a collector of regimental histories but that looks

like quite a reasonable price for what must be quite a scarce book.

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I downlaoded a copy some years ago free on the web, the links does not appear to be working now.

It appears to have the pics/plans you need.

If you PM me your e-mail address I'll see if I can send it to you depending on the size. If not I'll get the pics out,





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