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Where would this service record be held?


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Hello all, I've trawled through Ancestry and cannot find my Great Grandfather, 3646 B S M William Brown RFA service record, so i assumed it would have been one destroyed during WW2. Then looking at his Attestation on Find my past i see he did not leave until 25/1/1921, does this mean his record may be held by the M O D?

Thank you for your time

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I do not have a FMP subscription but I do have an Ancestry one. I'm intrigued as to which database has his attestation but not his record?

When Justin posted that brilliant thread I downloaded all the files for my own research. One of the files I created from the downloads is the whole lot in name order. I'll gladly extract the Brown W ones for you if you want to send me your email via PM. I don't proffess to know what all the refrences mean on them so if you find a possible then you can query it on that thread maybe? There are a lot though and then even more with another Christian name but dates of birth are given.


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FMP has Royal Artillery attestation 1883-1942 records, not on Ancestry.



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