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Assistance request.


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Hi Gents

Hoping that someone may answer a question on a pair of medals I own, I have no issue identifying the member or his service records however the information on the side of the medals has beaten my basic knowledge of WW1 Medals

Medals concerned are a British War Medal and Victory medal impressed to DEAL 4095-S- PTE D.F.KIRK. R.M (on the Victory medal there is a gap between the end of the service number and the -S-).

My question is what does the -S- mean, I have never come across this before.

Best regards and thanks for any help you might be able to give


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  • Admin

It looks like he was in a medical unit with the RND - the 'S' is for Short Service (e.g. wartime)



4. (a) The prefix “D”, followed by a number of up to three figures, indicates a rank entered on the permanent establishment of the Depot, Royal Marines Deal, between 1866 and February 1947. This practice was discontinued then, and the ranks transferred to Chatham, Plymouth or Portsmouth and allocated the next available register numbers.
( B) The same prefix, followed by a number of up to four figures and the suffixes “N” or “S”, indicates a rank entered in the Royal Marine Divisional Engineers, the Royal Marine Divisional Train, the Royal Marine Medical Unit, the Royal Marine Ordnance Company or the Royal Marine Labour Corps for Short Service during World War I.


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As a collector of primarily Canadian First War Medals, I was intrigued by the naming on a pair, so I picked it up. Naming as follows; R.M.A. 1668 -S- M.M. R.P. BOWLER

My task in deciphering the inscription, led to a whole new world for me.

Glad you got it all sorted out.

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