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Carrying of sword sticks


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hello all.

as we know, the carrying of swagger sticks and walking canes were popular with OR's and officers' alike; but has anyone come across anyone carrying a sword stick? I know these were popular as personal protection items in Victorian and Edwardian times, but I would be interested if any one has evidence of troops carrying one?



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A pocket pistol would seem more useful as back-up. A post on the earlier thread mentions a family heirloom of a heavy-duty riding crop containing an 18" blade, and I think such implements may once have been carried by continental mounted huntsmen who sometimes needed to despatch a quarry rather bigger than a fox. This is really one of those unanswerable questions: sword sticks of various patterns certainly existed, some officers no doubt possessed one, some may even have taken one to war with them, and a few may even have carried one in action, but it will take a photograph or written reference to prove it.

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