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Identification of canon


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Does somebody recognize this canon?

According to local legend it is a gun that was captured on the retreating German soldiers in november 1918.

It stood for years next to the city hall at Grammont, Belgium.

Legend also has it that it was an AA gun, captured on Bavarian soldiers.

My gut feeling says the gun is older and not AA.

Any advises?




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Being a howitzer I can see how some people might have thought it was an AA weapon! Well done SD on the identification - which I followed up to a brief story at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/15_cm_sFH_02, and quite a nice account of one man (and his son's) interest in the piece at: http://www.lovettartillery.com/15cm_schwere_Feldhaubitze_1902_15cm_s_F_H_02.html

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Laid 'flat', it looks almost Napoleonic, but it would of course have spent its active life at a more rakish angle. It was in service from the beginning of the war and dispensed the infamous 5.9s.

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