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Royal Highlanders


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I hope someone can help me.

Would any Canadian Battalions have worn regimental buttons with "Royal Highlanders" on them and what looks to be the same crest as the Black Watch? If so, would they have worn these during WWI?

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The 13th, 42nd, and 73rd Battalions were all known as Royal Highlanders of Canada.

I'll leave the Black Watch answer to others.

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This unit was formed in 1862 as the 5th Bn., Volunteer Militia Rifles of Canada, in Montreal. Over the years it went through a number of name changes,and by 1880 was decidedly Scottish. In 1906 it was designated 5th Bn.,Royal Highlanders of Canada.

In WW1 it was the only regiment to provide three fighting battalions for the CEF (13th, 42nd, 73rd Bns). In 1920 it became the Royal Highlanders of Canada; in 1930, the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). The current title was authorised in 1935 - The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada. It wears the Black Watch tartan, uses The Highland Laddie as the marchpast, and its motto is Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

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Terry/Broz: Thank you very much for that.

I may have spent the last 6 mos trying to research a UK officer when he may have been Canadian. I'll start searching the attestation papers for those battalions...

Thanks again for your time.


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Just to clarify, the Attestations for the CEF are organized alphabetically. It is unfortunately impossible to search only by battalion.

Your man may have joined another feeder battalion before being posted to the RHC.

Not necessarily a bad thing.

If he joined as an officer, he will have no regimental number. If as an OR, his regimental number will show.

If his name was Angus McThroatwarbler-Mangrove, your task will be easy.

If his name was John McLeod, you may have to view several dozen Attestations to confirm date of birth or next of kin.

Have fun! Don't forget to try Mc and Mac, just in case the surname was recorded incorrectly.

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Ah, no luck. I'm only going off of an initial and last name from a Glasgow tailor's list. While there are lots of Wallers...no record of one who was commissioned into one of those battalions. As you said, the attestation papers don't help.

First time looking through Canadian records though and Canada should be extremely proud of what they've been able to digitize and make so accessible. This is great work...

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If its WALLER you want there were 2

A.J. WALLER (Regular Service in the 14-18 war), 10th Battalion, Lieut 23/9/14.

C.C. WALLER (Regular Service in the 14-18 war), 2/Lieut 17/3/19.

A.J is not mentioned in the section on the 10th's history.


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