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NEU Affair


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Recently, when going through the National Archive files here on WW1, I came across a reference to someone being arrested by the Gemans and the government have added a not about this possibly being in connection with the NEU affair.

I haven't been able to find anything in the Archives about this, and ggogling has led nowhere.

Any ideas?

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There were a couple of arrests for unknown reasons (not uncommon), and a paper in the file says that "Sibille" was a fiancée and had something to do with the NEU affair (the file is very vague, as if you ought to know what it is all about).

It also says that Eugene Coor (22 years old) was an employee of Baron de Tornaco (who was well known here), and he was also arrested in the affair.

The documents aren't date, but are possibly from about 1916/17.

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