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Any idea what this cap badge is?


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Hi all, in a bit of a muddle here! have been given a locket photo of a WW1 soldier who died in the war, but when recording it have put down 7926 Charles Kirk, when the service number 7926 refers to a Charles King. Both are local men and both died, but I dont know which one the photo is????? Cap badge doesnt help me. The men in question are:- 7926 Charles Alfred King - 1st Bn. Cheshire Reg. dow Sept 10, 1914 aged 29 and 28695 Charles Kirk 7th Bn. Loyal North Lancs kia Nov 7, 1917. Any help from the photo attached would be greatly appreciated! Mark


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Fusiliers: Royal Welsh or Northumberland, I'd suggest.

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Royal Welsh Fusiliers indeed. The RWF recruiting area bordered that of the Cheshire's and it is possible that your man served with both. Indeed men who were wounded and later recovered did not always go back to their original regiment.


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