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7th Division Locations July 1916


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I am reading through the diaries for the 7th Division during the period 12th to 20th July 1916. Some of the positions named are recorded as map references, others by trench names. I wonder if anyone can help with locating the following trenches or better still point me at some resources that might help? (I have Linesman and have also checked the Library of Scotland maps with no luck).

These should all be in the Mametz area:

White Trench

Willow Avenue

Queens Nullah

Valley Trench

Many Thanks


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White Trench is at the bottom of the map looking over to the Hammerhead...from memory that was dug by the Swansea Battalion in early July 1916.



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According to The NA British Trench Atlas DVD

White Trench 57dSE4 X30a,S25b,26a

Willow Ave 62dNE2,F2d,7a,b,c,8a

Queens Nullah 57dSE4X29d

Valley Trench 57dSE4 X29c,d,F5b


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