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W H Beddows


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Hi all

I need some help with the attached photo for an elderly gentleman who has asked me to help him with his family military history.

He says the photo is of William Henry Beddows, who served in WW1.

I found the right service record on Ancestry (matches up with address he knows of and the family also) which gives his regiment as Army Service Corps and service number M2/021780. He was attached to the RAMC according to the record and was promoted to Acting Sergeant. There are other people of the same name, but other things don't add up.

Does the picture match up? I am sorry it is not better, but that is what he sent me. Can anyone confirm the collar badges or the shoulder ones?

Thanks for your help




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Looks to my untrained eye very much like 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers), 1896-1901 period.
Your W.H. Beddows would only have been 18 or 19 in 1901 (when the pillbox cap was abolished), and his 1914 attestation says he had no prior military service, so I'd tend towards the suspicion that the photo is of a different man...


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Hi Adrian

Thanks for that, it opens up more questions!

Good to know about the hat.

One thing that I did find with his family, he was married in England in 1904 (born in 1882), but their first child was born in India in 1905, but by 1907 they were back in England where the 2nd child was born (well at least his wife and child) and in the 1911 census they were all back in England.



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