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WFA Pension Card

Susie H

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My grandfather was in the RAMC. He enlisted 24.1.1915.
The story is that he became ill during the war as a result of inhaling mustard gas but I cannot prove this as his army service / pension records no longer exist. He served in Salonica but I don't know whether mustard gas was used there.
He received a Silver War Badge and was discharged from the army 1.1.1919 as a result of sickness.
On my fathers birth certificate the occupation of my grandfather is shown as an army pensioner and barman.
He died 10 August 1925 in a TB sanatorium.

I requested the Western Front Association for a search in the Pension Record Cards and Ledger Archive. I have received the attached. I was also informed that the card does not lead to a ledger.

From the card it would suggest he was a 'Chelsea Pensioner' from 2.1.1919 until 6.1.1920.

1) Have I interpreted this correctly and was it normal to only receive a pension for one year?
2) 'Effects 19/8/25' seems to relate to the time of his death. Does anyone have any idea what this relates to if he was no longer receiving a pension?

3) Can anyone suggest what the date 20.11.22 relates too?

4) When my grandfather died would my grandmother, who had 4 young children to bring up, have received a pension?

5) Does anyone know whether mustard gas was used in Salonica

Thanking you in anticipation

Sue Harris



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Medal Index Card for Bertie George Cyril Greenacre Pte, 51439 RAMC

No Star award which means he did not go overseas until after 1/1/16

No Theatre of War shown

SWB no B96155

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