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LT Ralph I Kirton Flying Accident


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Researching this Flying Officer. Attached RAF casualty card seems clear that he was mortally injured while flight testing a Dolphin at the SARD 1 with accident likely due to pilot error.

I need help with and having trouble understanding the "type of machine column'. The aircraft number appears to me as 24718, but is there another number or letter before those numbers? Is this the Dolphin a/c number? And finally is there a source that would offer any information on this particular aircraft?

Thanks much for any guidance Ralph

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Thanks to all for your good input. I have ordered the Sopwith Dolphin book as it has a chapter on Dolphin serial numbers. A bit of a long shot but I am seeking medical records from Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot, where Lt. Kirton perished from his wounds. Ralph

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Are you are of this file on Kirton at National Archives?

WO 339/39984

Description: 2nd Lieutenant Ralph Imray KIRTON.

Royal Flying Corps.

Date: 1914-1918

This type of file often includes medical board information, though whether it might for a late 1918 event I don't know.


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Thanks Errol,

I have ordered his Officers papers and this along with a long shot chance for Cambridge Military Hospital records are very likely my last best chance to discover details of his air accident.. Thanks again

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