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After arriving in Egypt at the end of 1917, and time at the school at Kantara, my Grandfather, 2.Lieut. Howard Ellis, RFA (SR), was posted to X Bty, 20 Corps, MTMB on formation - in the field, 22.2.18. (B.213 doc).

He became GO 1 (?) TMB - in the field, 9.5.18. (GHQRA 2988/B doc) Can anyone advise as to what this role might be in the Trench Mortar Batteries?

There is a report received from what looks like 6666S on his Army Form B 103 - 'Aden NYD' but the place of casualty is Palestine, 17.7.18 I assume NYD is 'not yet diagnosed' and that this is a report of some illness/disease that removes him from service.

Is there a possibility he may have been sent to Aden in the Yemen? The defense of Aden against the Ottomans and Arab tribes was under the command of the Indian Army.

A report from OC 20 Corps TMB has him rejoining from G.BD & posted to No.1 MTMB - Palestine, 19.8.18. Can anyone advise what G.BD is?

He later went on to join a battery in the 75th. division artillery on abandonment of MTMB's.

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I would guess that the Aden could be Adm = Admitted (to hospital)? That is the normal structure.

GBD = General Base Depot - I believe this was at Kantara.

MTMB = Medium Trench Mortar Battery.


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Adm = Admitted (to hospital)

This is a good idea Steve, but difficult to test without seeing the writing - Aden or Adm

If Aden is correct, then it may have been an abbreviation, perhaps relating to a problem with the ADENOIDS?

All the service details given above relate to the EEF, so I do not think that the entry refers to the geographical place Aden

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I imagine the "6666S" is 66 CCS - Casualty Clearing Station.

66 CCS was located in Egypt and Palestine. See top of page 31 here - http://www.cgsc.edu/CARL/nafziger/917BGPA.PDF

"Aden NYD" - could it be "Adm NNYD" ? Admitted, Nervous Not Yet Diagnosed. A term sometimes used for combat fatigue, or shell shock in the contemporary vernacular.

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Thanks Guys. Aden could read Adm

I assumed 6666S to be some sort of clinic/hospital but couldn't find anything by that name. It certainly could be read as 66CCS. The sweeps of the C's look similar to 6's.

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